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    SUDS / OBT needs your help - Dive with Wounded Warriors

    Hi Marvel, Mikes Friend Matt from the old Fort Lauderdale Beach days!!! What a wonderful organization, as a west coaster I both donated and volunteered to assist west coast divers who cert then come this way. I know, all that fridged water and Great White rumors, but we Nor Cal divers...
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    Follow the fumblings of a ten thumbed rookie.

    If you are using a YS-90 or so yes that is true, if your using a monster like a 250 then your distance is significantly increased. It also has somewhat to do with clarity of the water color of the subject etc, but 3-4 ft is a good number for general use with most midsize strobes.
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    Follow the fumblings of a ten thumbed rookie.

    :lam: You may need to shrink down the size of your posts, to fit the board, I did. I run a great package called thumbs plus. It allows you to view all your shots in thumbnails but has literally hundreds of other uses and functions. One of my favorites is AutoRename. This allows you to give a...
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    Olympus C-750/PT-18 Strobe question

    I use a Single Q-40 mount on my work camera which is a Light and Motion Tetra housing and a C-4030. It mounts to a flexible plastic mount whos mfr escapes me right now but it is the black plastic series of little cups that attach to each other... On my Personal Rig (see attached photos) I use...
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    Follow the fumblings of a ten thumbed rookie.

    Your comment about empty water and fish butts is pretty common to digital photographers. Couple things you can do to help. First of all, See if the camera can be set to full time autofocus, as opposed to focusing only once when you begin to push the shutter button down. While this will add a...
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    Olympus C-750/PT-18 Strobe question

    I was talking to a couple photographers and they said that the built in focusing light on the INON while very nice, has a problem in that it makes you turn the strobe too far towards the subject and thus iluminating too much water in the forground and getting more backscatter. Have you...
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    Follow the fumblings of a ten thumbed rookie.

    Ok, First things first, learn to seal the case correctly. You need to use the lubricant provided on the O rings, but don't get nuts with it, a thin coating only. Also make sure the O rings are clean and free of sand and debris of any kind. A small thread from a towel you use to dry the case is...
  18. D

    Olympus C-750/PT-18 Strobe question

    Dee, You make an excellent point. BTW Can you turn your focusing light off for skitish subjects? I am looking at an additional strobe and that sounds like a great way to go! I looked it over on the website and it has all the features I need. Thanks. Matt
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    Olympus C-750/PT-18 Strobe question

    Gerry, I have this exact setup and will give you an idea of what you will need. I use the Sea and Sea YS-90DX strobe because it has 12 adjustable power settings for getting the exposure just right. It is triggered on my rig with a fiber optic cable, which goes from the flash area on the PT18...
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    Do I need Macro Lens for C5050?

    :monkeydan A macro lens is going to help you even if you have the super macro function. The Super Macro function as I understand it gives you the ability to focus faster in macro but does not give you any additional magnification. A macro lens will actually give you additional magnification for...
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