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  1. Thalassamania

    Best practices of GUE versus other dive programs ?

    Please tell Marcus that you're no a real diving authority unless you've stood on principle and been, as a result, thrown out of the organization.
  2. Thalassamania

    Source for EO connector?

    Sure, it's an ancient topic, but there's applicable data: CONTACT Brian Brown, PLM (805) 389-5728
  3. Thalassamania

    Orca Edge Dive Computer

    I dove mine on five dives last week, still works fine.
  4. Thalassamania

    Diver and non-diving family vacation suggestions

    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii ... I recommend it for both diving and surface activities.
  5. Thalassamania

    Death in Cocos from shark attack

    Hi RIch! Still about on rare occasions, thanks for the kind words. What may not have been clear was that the dart was on about a two foot pole ... and remember that I had a similar length billie in my left hand. I can't speak to efficacy on a big Tiger or Great White, but for your average...
  6. Thalassamania

    C-Card roulette

    With respect to medicals, might I recommend the AAUS Standards: 6.20 Frequency of Medical Evaluations Medical evaluation shall be completed: Before a diver may begin diving, unless an equivalent initial medical evaluation has been given within the preceding 5 years (3 years if over the age of...
  7. Thalassamania

    C-Card roulette

    Thanks, I was not doing well there for a while, but I am fully recovered.
  8. Thalassamania

    Jim Stewart: Scripps Dive Pioneer 1927-2017

    Jim was a very special person to everyone in the Scientific Diving Community. We speak of having "Scripps Model Programs," but what we really should be saying is "Stewart Model Programs." I had many opportunities to work with Jim, both on operations and administrative issues. Here we are...
  9. Thalassamania

    C-Card roulette

    I use my 1972 UC Berkeley Scientific Diver Card. Usually that creates a minor confusion, but is accepted. When it is not, I use my CMAS Three Star Scientific Diving Brevet, that is always accepted. I never use any "leadership" card(s) without a specific reason to do so.
  10. Thalassamania

    Instructor recommendation needed, Naples FL area.

    Thanks Ricardo. I am in Hawaii so I have to phone. Whom on the staff has cool water and University/AAUS experience?
  11. Thalassamania

    Instructor recommendation needed, Naples FL area.

    I need to find an "old style" instructor in the Naples, FL area to handle, in January, the entry level portion of training for a strong water person who will be going with me to the Galapagos in June. Preferably with cool water University/AAUS experience.
  12. house


  13. Thalassamania

    Dangerous psychology- Diving beyond one's training

    Parker Turner is the usual answer, but that was a collapse. I could, without much effort, point to a fair number.
  14. Thalassamania

    Teaching contradictions: differing dive training philosophies

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that part of that success stemmed from previsualization of the entire exercise while performing the individual steps. That's a pretty valuable and effective tool too.
  15. Thalassamania

    Teaching contradictions: differing dive training philosophies

    I'm not arguing against the teaching of the basic skills, rather I'm pointing out the loss of the integrative exercises. At base the skills must be taught, at least to the level of competence. I am suggesting, however, that without the integrative exercises added to that basic skill...
  16. Thalassamania

    Good, budget snorkeling destinations?

    I could, and have, spent more than a week snorkeling at Ho'okena beach on the Big Island. Amazing stuff, dolphins, bill fish, turtles, whales (in season) good coral, lots of fish. You can camp right there for $5.00 a night per person, or stay at a local B&B or vacation rental.
  17. Thalassamania

    Diver Training: How much is enough?

    No John you're dead wrong. BTW: I all ready answered that question. My post: was in response to roterner and DCBC's exchange: and was actual a poke at the idea that Wayne would entertain the notion of being the "only person ..." rather than support of a 100 hour training program. Had I been...
  18. Thalassamania

    Teaching contradictions: differing dive training philosophies

    Jeff's post made me think about what I do and why I do it from a different angle, John's reenforced it. The whole thing was brought into focus by a discussion I had with my son who's playing center on what may be, arguably, the best high school basketball team in New Mexico. His coach has an...
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