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  1. Freewillow

    Current bottom temps at Anilao (say 30m)

    2 years ago, at this time 24/25°C.
  2. Freewillow

    Flying with Regulators into and out of the Philippines

    Always carry my regulators in my wetsuit in my checked bag. Never had a problem. You will have to check your luggage in MAnilla, so you will have the ^possibility to put them in the checked luggage locally.
  3. Freewillow

    Best places for inexperienced divers in november

    The problem with Anilao is that a lot of it is macro muck diving. In order to do this you need a VERY VERY GOOD Buoyancy. I doubd that OW + 10 dives would give you this level .
  4. Freewillow

    Return to Anilao and ASDC..

    Water in February was more like 25°C. I am VERY surprised by the 21° noted here.
  5. Freewillow

    Tips for all going to Egypt

    Since I do not like to see woman dressed in Burka in my country, I believe that woman should be dressed in a way that respects local manners. So in Egypt, my wife does not bare short pants. It is a matter of respect for the population one is visiting.
  6. Freewillow

    American missing off of Batangas - Philippines

    TRIMIX TRAINING dive @ 100 m with current. Maybe not a great idea :letsparty:
  7. Freewillow

    Aquaventure Anilao

    Any link to that "fatal accident"?
  8. Freewillow

    Nudibranch Lovers

    Thank you Visnu. You are right, a lot of my nudies from Lembeh are on your beautiful serie of pictures. However, I cannot find the identification of each species. Where is the information? Thanks again.
  9. Freewillow

    Nudibranch Lovers

    is this a flat worm? If yes, ID please :)
  10. Freewillow

    Nudibranch Lovers

    Hi , I just came back from Lembeh and I have quite a few nudibranches that I could not indentify. I have taken videos on a rather cheap camera "sony RX100" and taken a "frozen" image of them. So please excuse the poor quality of some images.
  11. Freewillow

    Muck Stick

    I have a muck stick but I found it too short for real much dive photography. I am looking to make or to buy a muck Stick with a total lenght of +/- 18 inches? Thank you
  12. Freewillow

    Has anyone been to Anilao/PG in October? Good conditions? Terrifying currents?

    Anilao is easy diving. But this is macro diving for a large part. So you better master buyancy. I have never seen a lot of divers on any site, even in Jan-feb.
  13. Freewillow

    Exposure Suit - February

    Water is not that hot. I am wearing a 5/4/3 mm wetsuit with hood with a 2mm undervest. But I am suscepible to cold.
  14. Freewillow

    Camiguin Diving

    I did a reef dive in camiguin that was very good . Banka is better
  15. Freewillow

    Dauin/Apo, Sipalay or a combination of Both

    Hi, we are a couple of divers that are interested in various type of dives, from mud/macro to beautiful coral gardens. We are considering to spend 2 weeks in The Philippines. We have done Anilao, Romblon, a safari SE of Cebu ( camingin/Bohol/Cagayan de Oro ) and we are looking for similar...
  16. Freewillow

    Which filter for underwater housing?

    I bought one and used it for a few dives. I agree with previous are much better off with an editing software like lightroom, photoshop ......................
  17. Freewillow

    Early February diving, whale sharks, Philippines or Thailand?

    In the area I have done A safari cruise around cebu, Rajah Ampat cruise and Romblon combined with Anilao. They were all magnificent. Taja is the most expensive and Anilao the best quality/price ration.
  18. Freewillow

    Early February diving, whale sharks, Philippines or Thailand?

    other big and macro on the same spots is not easy o_O
  19. Freewillow

    Aqualung Legend LX First Stage Failure at depth

    English is not my mother tongue but for me dismissive is not a synonym of insulting. So I agree with you while I think the answer is dismissive, it is not insulting. :yeahbaby:
  20. Freewillow

    Aqualung Legend LX First Stage Failure at depth

    You are easely feeling insulted:coffee:. The guy answered very professionally and said he would consult with the technical people at Aqualung. If your service is not done properlly, if you turn the regulator while under pressure on the bottle, yes you can dismantle it. Most people in Europe use...
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