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  1. Snoweman

    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Most of the DM's know how to spot them from the surface. But, it's a little scary to swim away from the wall and over the deep to escape one. Never been my experience, but I'm aware of how to do it. Swimming around sand tornadoes is a little weird though.
  2. Snoweman

    The Biology of the Lionfish Invasion

    There's a great video of a Bobbitt worm taking a lion fish in the blink of an eye. I think that's where the idea for the movie "Tremors' came from.
  3. Snoweman

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    Till when?? (I called FedEx to complain today. It was delivered at the end of the day.)
  4. Snoweman

    Wondering where your stuff from overseas is? Shipaggedon!

    Overseas isn't the only shipping problem. FedEx was supposed to deliver a wheel to me from NJ last Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and yesterday. It's still not delivered.
  5. Snoweman

    Recommendations for Nautilus/lifeline?

    I have the original Nautilus. Fortunately, I have never had to use it. I bought a nylon dive belt to keep it strapped around my chest. The main thing is making sure it's charged before each use.
  6. Snoweman

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    Mine, with all that jazz, is only rated to 100 meters.
  7. Snoweman

    Has anyone taken an Apple Watch to depth?

    I hope you don't have a pin break on your band. That would be an expensive loss.
  8. Snoweman

    St. Croix dive op

    Tickets are booked for five nights in October. Rented a Jeep through Centerline. Now, to figure out where to stay (VRBO, Airbnb), and what to do when not diving.
  9. Snoweman

    dive shop recommendation

    The next time I go, I will dive with Julio Kin. I have dived with him when he would sub himself to Tres Pelicanos. Great dive master, and fun guy to be around.
  10. Snoweman

    Diving watches

    I have two Rolexes, neither is a dive watch. Unless I had hundreds of millions of dollars, I would feel like crap if I lost a Rolex on a dive. My current dive watch is a Luminox. It keeps better time than an automatic watch, as any quartz watch would.
  11. Snoweman

    St. Croix dive op

    Thanks. I'm really looking at an airbnb house.
  12. Snoweman

    St. Croix dive op

    I'm looking to go to St. Croix in October. I haven't chosen a place to stay, yet. I did notice that a couple of dive ops include rental gear in their price. I only need tanks and weights. I prefer mainly boat dives, but want to do a couple of dives (at least) at the pier. What shop is the best...
  13. Snoweman

    Casa Mexicana Breakfast Question

    Try and get a south facing room on the top floor without an adjoining room. But, by all means, stay at Casa Mexicana. It's top notch.
  14. Snoweman

    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    I'll agree with overpriced. That's why I bought mine on eBay. Have you tried a pair?
  15. Snoweman

    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    Have you tried eBay?
  16. Snoweman

    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    I love mine. Keep degrading members for your delight....
  17. Snoweman

    Current Water Temps

    I've never experienced a thermocline in Cozumel to 107'.
  18. Snoweman

    Where to go????

    Here's one article where I was basing my supposition, but it is a little old. IS PARADISE LOST? | MALDIVES SPECIAL REPORT - DIVE Magazine
  19. Snoweman

    Tropical Storm Grace

    What's the word about Grace doing an upcoming flyby?
  20. Snoweman

    Where to go????

    Curacao is now on a Do Not Travel list with the CDC. I would love to go there as it has more boat diving options and has more to do for the non-diving wife. Sadly, Delta doesn't offer flights to CUR.
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