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  1. RonR

    AMOLED Dive Computers

    Well, having made a computer with an AMOLED screen (Atomic Cobalt1) I can say we would love to be still using them, but manufacturers stopped making them in the size we wanted- about 2.4" diagonal. Well, one manufacturer still made them, but they would not sell to you unless you were committing...
  2. RonR

    Cobalt2: Lft/Up Doesn't Work - New Magnets Didn't Help

    Scott, sorry not to have responded earlier, but family issues have kept me away from SB for a couple of weeks. It's either the magnets or the reed switches themselves. This is definitely fixable. New magnets were the right thing to try first. The magnets do come in different strengths, one...
  3. RonR

    Computers that DON’T revert to air setting

    As a product designer, if we see a situation where users are confused, or often make the wrong choice, we absolutely regard that as a failure of interface design. We’ve all seen products where simple procedures that should be transparent require consultation with a manual and a series of steps/...
  4. RonR

    Cobalt 2 Firmware version 2.60 available for trial

    We have a new Cobalt 2 firmware version we are making available here, at least until Atomic has it up on their site. We would appreciate any feedback from Cobalt users- please respond to this thread or to me directly- we would really like to know what you think. This version was created in...
  5. DiveLogFullWarning_Portrait


    Cobalt 2 warning screen showing dive log is full.
  6. RonR

    Is there a list of changes for various Cobalt 2 firmware versions?

    Sorry for the delayed response, I was away from internet for a few days. Some time ago Atomic had version information on their website, but I don't believe it is there any longer, and it would not have covered more recent versions in any case. To answer your question: Many firmware changes are...
  7. RonR

    Cobalt 2 battery issue

    Yes, you are correct. We modified the firmware so that users could access those two diagnostic screens directly without having to change the user name. These screens are informational, and particularly helpful if it is suspected a battery might be in need of replacement. To access functions...
  8. RonR

    Oceans subsonic computer

    Huish Outdoors pulled the plug on Liquivision a few years after purchasing the company. It's my understanding that they were never profitable and there were many issues with fading and eventually unreadable PMOLED displays, problems that were unrelated to the acoustic transmission, which worked...
  9. RonR

    Cobalt issue

    Sorry I missed this post until now. My best guess (a virtual certainty based on what you say) is a malfunctioning depth sensor. It can be replaced. How old is the computer, and is it a Cobalt 1 or 2? I'm guessing you are out of warranty? We are the original designers/ developers of the...
  10. RonR

    I’ve read it all and still need opinions on computers

    Without hopefully further sidetracking your thread, I’ll posit that: Globalization is the inevitable result of improved communications and transportation. It is a fact of modern life. US lack of electronics manufacturing is the result of deliberate policy choices made decades ago that placed...
  11. RonR

    I’ve read it all and still need opinions on computers

    I'm easily old enough to remember when conventional wisdom said the same about Japanese products- Japanese meant shoddy and cheap. It's rather different now. My experience is that Chinese manufacturing is capable of incredible quality- if their customers are willing to pay for it and not just...
  12. RonR

    I’ve read it all and still need opinions on computers

    Your not made in China requirement might need to incorporate a bit more nuance. You may find that a great many products labeled "Made in USA" in fact have significant inputs from China- particularly for PCB assembly or plastic molded parts. The label is supposed to indicate where the most value...
  13. RonR

    Liquvision Xen

    Contacting Huish Outdoors service in Salt Lake City is your best bet. But there is no one from Liquivision left with the company, so I'm not sure they will be able to help.
  14. RonR

    Cobalt 1 help: What to do if your battery is dead

    Have you determined that your battery is dead or not taking a charge? There are a number of things that can mimic that condition. Batteries typically fail gradually, by holding less charge over time. Atomic does have and sell the batteries- it ate past they would sell them through their...
  15. RonR

    How long before phone-based uw cases eat the low end computers?

    We started our foray into dive computer design back in the 90’s with the idea to put a Palm Pilot into a case, with appropriate sensors connected. It quickly became apparent that by the time you created the sensor interface and the processing necessary to deliver the data to the device, you...
  16. RonR just got even more ridiculus

    True words. Dive computers are a lot more complex than it appears on the um... "surface". Even engineers highly experienced in consumer type products will fail to appreciate the firmware complexity. -Ron
  17. RonR

    Cobalt 1 help: What to do if your battery is dead

    If you didn't take it off it's not necessarily a problem. Our instructions do say to remove the little ball. It's a vent to allow for a safe release in case the battery starts to off-gas, which as far as I know has never happened. The reason for removing it is to release pressure when you...
  18. RonR

    Cobalt 1 help: What to do if your battery is dead

    I'm not sure what battery Greg is locating. It could be viable if there is a thermistor present, though the connector might need to be soldered on. I've replied in more detail in our conversation re. getting one of the actual batteries. Ron
  19. RonR

    Cobalt 1 help: What to do if your battery is dead

    OK, I see- that is in fact one of the part #'s that we have received. The giveaway was when I realized that the picture you attached is one I took... :wink: -Ron
  20. RonR

    Cobalt 1 help: What to do if your battery is dead

    Hi Greg, The thermistor on the battery is NTC 10 k ohm. I'm wondering what the part # you refer to is, though. Is this a # for a replacement battery? Ron
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