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  1. Imported Item

    Imported Item

  2. PapaBob

    What is the Arrow Crab Holding

    This shot was taken on the wreck/artificial reef of the Eagle outside of Tavernier in the Keys last Saturday. The arrow crab appears to be holding something that looks like an egg sac. If so this could be a female shot just before releasing her young. If anyone can be more specific as to what I...
  3. Arrow Crab with Sac

    Arrow Crab with Sac

  4. Safety Stop Pete

    Safety Stop Pete

  5. PapaBob

    NetDoc Sighting?

    I did a two tank dive on the wreck (err...artificial reef) of the Eagle with Conch Republic Divers out of Tavernier in the Florida Keys last Saturday. This guy also did the "double eagle" and looked suspiciously familiar to me. Can anyone help with the ID? ---Bob ---------- Post added July...
  6. Keys July 2013

    Keys July 2013

  7. Pete on Double Eagle Dive

    Pete on Double Eagle Dive

  8. PapaBob

    Way to Go Mike!!!

    I missed the double truck on pages 48 and 49. Gray reef shark shot at Tuamotu is the lead to the "Dare to Drift" article by Lisa Trotter. ---Bob
  9. PapaBob

    Way to Go Mike!!!

    It was the Mola and Schooling Jacks shot from Bali and the Cuttlefish shot from Lombok. Full page on the cuttlefish. ---Bob
  10. PapaBob

    Way to Go Mike!!!

    My August issue of Scuba Diving magazine just arrived. Starting on page 36 there is a feature article titled "Where Oceans Collide." Check out pages 42, 43 and 45 for fantastic pictures credited to Mike Veitch. Way to go Mike!!!! ---Bob
  11. PapaBob

    Thank You Captain Gary!

    Thanks to all for the kind comments. You don't miss much, Brian. I had the good fortune to be on dives with great vis and ambient light and manage to get very close to the subjects. Shooting RAW aids the post processing to bring out the color and detail. ---Bob
  12. PapaBob

    Thank You Captain Gary!

    Internal flash with a diffuser shield, Bill. Thanks for the kind comment. ---Bob
  13. PapaBob

    Thank You Captain Gary!

    For a number of reasons I shall not bore you with, I have not gotten wet since February and have not had my 20D underwater since last year. Capt Gary at Conch Republic Divers helped me break my slump on an extended weekend in the Keys. On Monday Gary took my wife Lynne and I to the Conch Wall...
  14. PapaBob

    A Faster Mandrake Method

    Danette: I am sorry for the delay in the reply but I have been off Scubaboard for over a month. I just posted a thread with a link to Trevor Morris' Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. PS6 is included. The shift-control F should work in PS6 at least on a PC. The actions palette (they now call...
  15. PapaBob

    Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you are looking for a cheat sheet for Photoshop shortcuts, Trevor Morris has updated his for CS4. If you are running prior versions of Photoshop you can download a cheat sheet for the version you are using back to PS5. I find these to be very useful and hope they are of help to Scubaboard...
  16. PapaBob

    Theme 17- 28 Feb, 2009: Crustaceans

    An oldie but if this guy is still around he might be a huge meal. Even bugs enjoy a beer after the last dive of the day. ---Bob
  17. PapaBob

    A Faster Mandrake Method

    Anyone who has taken an underwater photograph has experienced that malaise of depth and lack of strobe coverage called the Dead Red Channel. Several years ago a member of this forum, David Kusner, who went by the board name Mandrake demonstrated a method to repair the dead red channel in...
  18. PapaBob

    Theme 08 - 30 September, 2008: Eels

    Yes you do! How rude of me to forget. :D ---Bob
  19. PapaBob

    Theme 08 - 30 September, 2008: Eels

    It is funny that you would mention that. ---Bob Note: The Deep and the original poster were produced in1977 by Casablanca Filmworks and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Portions of the movie poster were used for satirical purposes and no copyrights are claimed to the original work.
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