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  1. JMdiver

    Local Myrtle Beach divers

    Thanks but I'm looking for something more local. I know what spearing is but what is teeth?
  2. JMdiver

    Local Myrtle Beach divers

    I'm looking for local divers in Myrtle Beach to go diving off season.
  3. JMdiver

    Myrtle Beach Dive Club

    I can't believe there are no dive clubs in the Myrtle Beach area.
  4. JMdiver

    Myrtle Beach Dive Club

    Are there any dive clubs around the Myrtle Beach area?
  5. JMdiver

    Dive Clubs

    Does anybody know of any dive clubs in the Myrtle Beach?
  6. JMdiver

    Charters in South Carolina?

    They are also the only dive charter that charges tax on their dive trips.
  7. JMdiver

    I Need S.C. Dive Info

    I am going to Myrtle Beach in April & need info on the dive sites & dive operators. Thanks John
  8. JMdiver

    Dive Sites

    I need info on dive sites & boats in N.J.,N.Y. & N.E. Thanks John
  9. JMdiver

    shore dives around Ventura Beach (North Los Angeles)

    Two sites come to mind right away are Nicolas Canyon & Leo Carillo. Leo is the easiest in & out & walk back to the car if the conditions are right. John ---------- Post Merged at 08:53 PM ---------- Previous Post was at 08:51 PM ---------- Refugio up in Santa Barbara is pretty easy. John
  10. JMdiver

    Looking For Mr. Small

    Great pic's Phil, I've never seen some of those Nudis. John
  11. JMdiver

    Merry's 500th Dive

    I thought so. Very funny. John
  12. JMdiver

    Merry's 500th Dive

    Congratulations Merry. Hey Phil in the begining of the video Merry's using a camera with a long lens that looks like it's not in a case, what can of camera is it.
  13. JMdiver

    Lost and Found for SoCal

    We found a blue & black fin at Crane Point with the name Helms on it. If anyone knows this person or if you are this person PM me. John
  14. JMdiver

    Spectre 5-26 & 27

    Hi LeeAnne, Sorry to say I am not. John
  15. JMdiver

    Spectre 5-26 & 27

    Hi all sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I'll be DM'ing the spectre on the 26th & 27th of this month , come & join me. I'm the friend Robert was talking about. John
  16. JMdiver

    DM'ing CeeRay

    Hi guys I'm DM'ing the CeeRay the 18th come join me. John
  17. JMdiver

    Channel Islands diving: place to rent large tanks.

    I think the shop on the dock is closed for good. John
  18. JMdiver

    Celebrating 50 years on SCUBA

    Congrats Dr. Bill & I'm just a year behind you & their's always hope. John
  19. JMdiver


    Hi guys I'm still around. I've been working on the boats lately & haven't been doing any beach dives at all. I have to chance that soon. Rickster gave up diving a while ago. I miss all you Beach Crabs. John
  20. JMdiver


    Hi everyone I'll be DM'ing the Spectre this weekend 4 & 5 come join me for some great diving. John
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