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  1. StefinSB

    MK10 assembly question

    Hi, I am trying to put my first Mk10 together and got stuck screwing the Swivel retainer into the swivel cap. The schematic has a washer in between (part# 01-060-500) that I do seem to miss. Does anybody have the specs on that washer? I cant locate it on the VDH website.
  2. StefinSB

    Conshelf ID

    Hi, I got my hands on what apppears to be a Conshelf IV but the plastic knob just says US Divers. 4 LP Ports, 1 HP port with modern thread sizing. Serial number is: BBB3596. On my other Conshelf the serial # starts with xx- , with xx indicating year if manufacture. What do I have?
  3. StefinSB

    apeks xtx 2nd stage barrel turning when tightening heat exchanger

    Hi, It seems to be a known feature that the barrel of the Apex 2nd stages (I have an xtx50) turns when tightening the heat exchanger nut. This consequently tilts the lever sideways. There seems no good location to get hold of the barrel to prevent that turning motion. What do guys do to deal...
  4. StefinSB

    Reported fatality in Santa Barbara

    Just found this sad news: Scuba diver found dead in water at Summerland » Ventura County Star
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