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  1. Sue Sue

    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    Hubby Buddy and I have several Residencias Reef stays. We also do not rent a car .(For us, Much less cost than daily car rental fees and no liability or responsibility) I suggest for your consideration to choose 1 person as a designated shopper, or 2 if you have a larger group, and purchase...
  2. Sue Sue

    Bonaire Trip Report (video)

    Enjoyed your Video !!!
  3. Sue Sue

    Scuba Board dinner invitation Sunday

    Happy Birthday Dandy Don ! Best Wishes from Double S and Hubby Buddy
  4. Sue Sue

    Overweight Newbie Gear Question

    HI Rudy, Welcome to the Wonderful World of SCUBA ! 1-Consider purchasing a Backplate/Wing...The benefits of this system is that the BCD Fits all as the harness is a one piece looped webbing that is specific to the diver. A BP/W is truly a one size fits all. Find a dive shop(s) that sell BOTH...
  5. Sue Sue

    Hello! New diving family seeking info for first scuba vacation in Mexico

    Welcome to Scubaboard ! Just want to let you know that once you get involved with the Cozumel Crowd you will be part of a VERY ACTIVE, DEDICATED, PASSIONATE Group !!! Cozumel has many options for Diving, Lodging, Restaurants and Touring. Don't hesitate to ask pop on over to...
  6. Sue Sue

    Arriving/Departing the Cozumel Airport

    ATTENTION: For those arriving to Cozumel via the CANCUN AIRPORT, commonly known as the “Bag Drag”. After baggage claim, locate a Taxi/Shuttle/Bus to Play del Carmen. Let the agent/driver know you are needing to get to the ferry pier for transport to Cozumel. Once there, you can purchase your...
  7. Sue Sue

    Arriving/Departing the Cozumel Airport

    *TICKETS PLEASE !!! There are TWO OFFICIAL METHODS of transportation for tourists OUT of the airport. Different rules apply for the return trip which will be noted later in this article. #1 – Airport Shuttle --> Purchasing Shuttle Tickets There are TWO Shuttle Services available-> COZUSHUTTLE...
  8. Sue Sue

    Arriving/Departing the Cozumel Airport

    After 10 years and 51,591 views, it was time for an update. Best Wishes and Safe Travels ! *BEFORE YOU GO Confirm that your passport EXPIRATION DATE is valid for AT LEAST 6 Months PAST the date of your return trip. If less than 6 months, you may be denied passage or re-entry. . *ON YOUR WAY ...
  9. Sue Sue

    United Flights from EWR for May 2022 (via Miles)

    Hubby Buddy and I have booked United tickets to Bonaire for December 2021. ($770 RT IAH-BON) We agree with Hoag in that things can change for a number of reasons. We HOPE that all will work out...however, all of our travel plans can be cancelled/rescheduled without penalty at this time...
  10. Sue Sue

    American Airline and Delta Start service 5 June 2021 to Bonaire

    Come on UNITED !!!! :clapping::thumb2::bounce:
  11. Sue Sue

    taxi rules

    Gordon, We just got back after a 2 week stay..Unless something has changed, you should be good with two taxi's or 1 large van. Have a Great Trip !
  12. Sue Sue

    What are things you wish you could tell your past self (SCUBA RELATED)?

    -START WITH A BACKPLATE WING!!!!....Keep in mind the most expensive is not necessarily the BEST ! -Invest in the BEST regulator you can afford...No worries...eventually you can move up if you need to. -Purchase a computer that fits your needs with perhaps some options that will accommodate you...
  13. Sue Sue

    Boat Diving Etiquette

    If you bring a treat on the boat for surface interval or after dive, ie: bag of hard candies or beef jerky, if you have plenty, share it with others.
  14. Sue Sue

    Thank you for 19 years!!!!

    Christi, Meeting you for the first time, 18 years ago, at the Caleta with your Scooter and Metal Cash Box, Diving and Learning valuable dive skills from Pedro, enjoying the sandwiches and homemade baked goods for surface intervals and all of the wonderful times we all had together, are just a...
  15. Sue Sue

    Cozumel airport

    Hello Everyone ! Just to let you know the "Arrival and Departure" Sticky is going to be updated in April. But, for now, the information regarding transportation from and to the airport, as well as what to expect as you process from check in and out to the shuttle vans still applies. My plan...
  16. Sue Sue

    Transport from Airport: Private or shared?

    Hi vimaldude ! Thanks for a very good question and a topic that is not covered in the “Arriving” sticky. I will keep this in mind as I hopefully can update the information after my April visit. Best Regards and Happy Diving !!! Double S
  17. Sue Sue

    Yucatan trip - looking for diving opportunities

    Actually, visiting Cozumel from the Mainland for a few days and Diving two 2 tank day dives would be easy. There are many very nice lodgings that could accomodate your diving, your wife's Snorkeling and beachtime as well as some touring for both of you to fit into any budget. As far as your 65...
  18. Sue Sue

    Yucatan trip - looking for diving opportunities

    Hello ! Check out the Cozumel Forum and ask your questions there. We are a Friendly group of Folks with LOTS of experience and advice !!! However, be forwarned..For the most part, we are a VERY Dedicated and Passionate group when it comes to Our Cozumel Best Wishes and Happy Diving and...
  19. Sue Sue

    New Tourist Tax

    Used to apply to Bonaire as it is rolled into the airfare...
  20. Sue Sue

    New (Additional) Tourist Tax

    So it is possible we will be able to purchase a "tax ticket" upon our arrival while at the airport in preparation for our departure ? In other it ahead of time so you don't have to add another task on departure day... good to get it out of the way. We used to do this for Bonaire...
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