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  1. icechip

    All you can get shrimp

    I had an interesting occurrence this morning as I cleaned the bottom of a 34 foot sailboat at the local town dock. The cleaning went fine, but when I swam in to the boat ramp to exit, I noticed lots of Skeleton Shrimp all over me and my gear. And I mean A LOT! There must have been thousands of...
  2. icechip

    Dead Man's Rope

    Noticed a lot of Dead Man's Rope in the water the last few weeks in a new season of diving, practically an entire forest of them. Chorda filum is the proper name, someone also said they were known as Sea Laces? Are they just a spring thing? Don't seem to encounter them in summer or fall diving...
  3. icechip

    Bamboo Worm?

    Off New Harbor, Maine yesterday down about 70fsw we came upon these tubes sticking up out of the bottom. What do you think?
  4. icechip

    Scuba a Winter Sport?

    Our community's local high school cancelled their regular winter sports seasons this year and the building's AD (Athletic Director) wants to try and offer some things to keep the kids active (but in an individual or socially distanced way, of course!) He approached me about the idea of having...
  5. icechip

    Magnetic Fishing?

    I dove yesterday afternoon at Lake Megunticook and found wedged between rocks (and a nearby tire) this pretty heavy and powerful magnet on a rope. My dive buddy said that they were fishing magnets used by people who throw them in to see what they might attract and haul in. Huh. Anyone else heard...
  6. icechip

    SPG vs tank checker gauge

    This season, I notice my tank checker gauge is consistently reading the tank pressure at about 400psi more than my SPG. It will read tank at 3000psi but then I attach the SPG and it will read 2600psi, not sure why the discrepancy? Is it time for a new tank checker? Can I fiddle with the current...
  7. icechip

    Wreck Diving Magazine

    Wishing all the best for Wreck Diving Magazine. Guess it has suspended publication for the time being. Hope it survives and comes back!
  8. icechip

    In School!

    We took some high school Marine Studies students out to test run our new FIFISH V6 ROV off Northport, Maine and while we were operating it, encountered a school of Menhaden (or pogies) swarming near the surface. Caught video of them from the boat and and at the same time from the ROV's camera...
  9. icechip

    Maine Marine Life

    Had a great dive yesterday at Rachel Carson Salt Pond in New Harbor, Maine. Caught this Northern Red Anemone living large.
  10. icechip

    Blue-Tipped Irish Moss?

    On our dive today in Maine off Ash Point in the Muscle Ridge Channel, we encountered typical Irish Moss (Chondrus crispsus) but some of it had a brilliant blue tinge to their tips. Had not seen that before, especially in such profusion. Does anyone have info about that? Is it some sort of...
  11. icechip

    Regulator rack?

    I find I have enough regulator set-ups that I need some sort of rack to keep them on. I already have/use the variety of plastic hangers pictured below but I was wondering if anybody had some other idea that they have found or built that might work better?
  12. icechip

    Big ol' Moon Snail

    Saw a beautiful Moon Snail chugging along the bottom on my dive today. Friendly guy, he paused for photos. I'd like to think he maybe even smiled?
  13. icechip

    Setting up my GoPro 8 Black

    Setting up my new Father's Day GoPro 8 black. Plan to carry it on a floaty handle with PolarPro filters. What would be the go-to settings for most diving between 15'-40'? 1080p at 60fps? Standard, Activity, or Cinematic? Worth shooting in 4k or would that finish off the battery and fill the card...
  14. icechip

    Congrats to Graduates!

    The high school I teach at is having their Class of 2020 graduation ceremony today (modified etc). They missed out on a lot of the regular, traditional type senior year stuff so just want to wish them (and all other graduates this year) a hearty congratulations!
  15. icechip

    For Sale SEAC 7mm Masterdry suit

    Have lost weight and need a new suit so I am selling my SEAC Masterdry suit. It is an XL SEAC 7mm Masterdry semi-dry suit with a back entry. Good quality and in really good condition with less than 20 dives on it. The side pocket is a nice feature. $250 and I'll cover postage.
  16. icechip

    GoPro Hero8 Black

    Finally making the move from my tried and true Hero3+ to a Hero8 Black. A fully charged battery only lasted 15-20 minutes underwater and my scratched and scarred housing looked like it could flood at a moment's notice. With Father's Day coming up, I pleaded my case...Anybody have thoughts on the...
  17. icechip

    Trimming a hood?

    Has anybody trimmed, or felt the need to trim back the face opening on the hood of their suit (or any hood) for that matter? I took my new BARE 7mm Semi-Dry out for its first dive the other day and noticed with the attached hood that it was tough getting my mask to decently seal. I usually just...
  18. icechip

    U1277 in Porto, North Portugal

    Anybody familiar with the German submarine U1277 sunk off Porto, northern Portugal at the end of WWII? Supposed to be one of the better dive sites in the northern part of the country? Thanks for any information.
  19. icechip

    Azores and Portugal Dive Options

    Going to be traveling to the Azores and Portugal next June and looking for suggestions/ideas about dive possibilities, sites and contacts. Thanks for any feedback.
  20. icechip

    Underwater Dremel Tool?

    I have been called a few times this season to unfoul line from propellers and shafts on lobster boats. I have a great titanium dive knife with both regular and serrated blades. It works for most applications, however, a few of the jobs involved some difficult-to-get-to angles to use the knife...
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