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    These numbers aren't particularly reliable. For example, is hosted behind Cloudflare CDN and DNS. Last year we enabled in CF extensive IP filters, server and DNS blocks for certain types of traffic in the pipes to stop all traffic from certain locations (Russia, Ukraine...
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    Garbage! I have no idea how D&B has those numbers. But DGX has NEVER had annual sales revenue as low $590K, and I know those numbers to be ridiculously wrong for the other retailers as well. Our annual revenue is no big secret, I did a presentation at DEMA in 2017 with revenue history, and...
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    Divemasters Should Ask 'Is Your Oxygen ON?'

    Query almost any experienced open-circuit divemaster working at the dive platform "what is the last thing you do as you put the diver in the water?" and the answer will probably be "I check their tank valve is open." Yet, most boat crew are unfamiliar with closed-circuit diving and, knowing...
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    2nd stage quick disconnects

    FYI, the Omniswivel QD fittings may look very similar to CEJN, but Omniswivel states and our customers occasionally return because the Omniswivel QD fittings are NOT compatible with CEJN.
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    $17 AL Spool Review - Nice Kit! - Apeks LifeLine Killer?

    See this video for our recommendation...
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    Customer Service opening at Dive Gear Express

    We are pleased to announce that as of today this position for a Customer Service Representative has been filled.
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    Customer Service opening at Dive Gear Express

    Dive Gear Express is looking for a Customer Service Representative to work in our Pompano Beach, Florida, location. The primary duties of this position are answering phone calls, emails and chats from customers, assisting walk-in customers and communicating customer needs to other team members...
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    M28 Firmware Follies . . .

    You may find if you let the M28 battery run down to below 50%, it will then begin to charge to 100%
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    Perdix AI with 2 xmitters?

    Two greys will "sorta" work, but definitely NOT recommended. You might remember the recall of yellows that Shearwater did a few years back, it was simply because a batch of yellows got delivered from Pelagic with the grey firmware load. It wasn't detected until Shearwater started getting...
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    They took my money

    We still have a good classroom that we loan out to instructors.
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    Good websites to keep an eye on?

    Library | Dive Gear Express® :)
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    New DGX regulator

    These are the "best practice" lengths that as you point out most experienced divers prefer for streamlining, and I suspect you just need a few dives to adjust to the lengths. If you find the default hose lengths aren't working for you, we are happy to exchange for alternative lengths you feel...
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    DGX wing

    Hasn't been for a really long time.
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    Equipment Training vs Equipment Manuals...

    It is sometimes difficult to draw the line between what is within the domain of training with the dive instructor, and what is simple education by the suppler regarding equipment features. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has accelerated the shift from store to online by perhaps as much as ten...
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    New DGX regulator

    Links to DGX Gears XTRA service manuals including IPB and Torque values...
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    Shearwater live streaming update July 23

    We expect our regular shipment that includes several Shearwater product purchase orders including the one for the Peregrines to arrive on Wednesday 29th. That's assuming there aren't shipping delays and it doesn't snag in customs... which has happened several times recently due to large...
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    Weird battery life differences...

    One factor that can make a substantial difference is whether or not the compass function is enabled.
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    New DGX regulator

    For genuinely cold water diving, our recommendation continues to be the Poseidon line as we think nobody does cold water better. There are absolutely no plans to "drop" the Deep Six DGX regulator design from the line, it's a value priced time tested design. As you point out later in your post...
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    New DGX regulator

    I would not agree with your expectation regarding costs of piston vs diaphragm. In modern manufacturing, the piston seems no "less technical" and a difference in first stage parts count isn't meaningful to our costs. Also, a LOT of effort goes in to modern second stage designs so it's not just...
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    New DGX regulator

    Thanks for the interest in the DGX XTRA regulator. To address a couple of issues raised in the discussion... We are in the process of launching this regulator, which we have been working on for over a year. It is indeed built to our specifications by WMD. It's definitely not an...
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