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  1. joewr

    Recommendations for first Coz trip?

    Some of the very best diving in North America is off Cozumel. So, you’ve made a great choice. The number of excellent dive shops is extensive, and most know how to serve both experienced divers and novice divers. After several years of staying at the Fiesta Americana, we began renting a house...
  2. joewr

    Diver from the Oregon Coast

    Hi, and Welcome to the Board! Many years ago, I used to spend my summers in Brookings. I have a deep-seated love of the Oregon Coast: its beauty is unsurpassed! Joe
  3. joewr

    New fellow

    Welcome to the SB! I’ve never dived off the beautiful French coast, but I have enjoyed many trips to France—in fact, I took my grandson there last summer. The nighttime view from our hotel room. Joe
  4. joewr

    Hello from Uk

    Welcome to the SB! One of my scuba buddies is an expat Brit from Leicester, not too distant from your current digs. Looks like we may have dived in the same places occasionally. In the event, Welcome Aboard! Joe
  5. joewr

    Hello from London, England

    Hello from California! One of my best mates lives in Bolton—making me a big fan of Man U. In the event, welcome to the SB! Joe
  6. joewr

    Hey guys!

    We come on the sloop John B, my grandfather and me...around Nassau Town we did roam... Welcome to the SB from a fellow Californiano... Joe
  7. joewr

    Nikons v

    Hi, I haven’t used my Nikonos V since about 2003. But it sits proudly on a shelf above my desk. It was definitely a reliable UW camera. One of the last photos I took with it—off Cozumel. If you got the focus and the exposure right, the photos were as good as any film SLR, in my opinion...
  8. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    Hi, Do you have the bathtub curve for, specifically, regulators—either or both stages? I’ve read that 2nd stages, with their thin diaphragms, are the most susceptible to failure, but again, I cannot find the specific data. Whatever the case, it appears that quite few deaths occur annually due...
  9. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    That reminds me of an HL Mencken quote: "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." That said, it seems that the data has been collected that indicates reg fail is not a responsible for a majority of dive fatalities (ca. 14%) and that mechanical failure was...
  10. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    Here is another source that I think you can access: “DAN collects data on diving fatalities of recreational divers in the US, Canada and diving destinations frequented by US and Canadian divers, compiles case reports, and includes the data in the DAN Annual Diving Report. The DAN data shows a...
  11. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    Hi, Angelo, You wrote: “5 times O-ring problems, the one between tank and reg (caused by damaged surface on the yoke surface sealing against the O-ring of my oldest MK5).” That’s consistent with what I’ve read—failure due to leakage versus a mechanical failure due to an internal component. I...
  12. joewr

    how many pairs of fins do you own?

    Too many—and too many masks!
  13. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    I’m a (retired) chemist, and have worked with data most of my life, as well. So, I was curious about whether there was any data about reg failure the included the reg types. So far, no luck. That said, from what I’ve read, the failure occurred due to leakage—which would make it seem that the reg...
  14. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    This is what I have found. During 2006 to 2015 there were an estimated 306 million recreational dives made by US residents and 563 recreational diving deaths from this population. The fatality rate was 1.8 per million recreational dives. From: Buzzacott, P; Schiller, D; Crain, J; Denoble, PJ...
  15. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    Any DATA will be much appreciated. Not just anecdotes, but real DATA—graphs, charts, annotated lists, etc. Thanks, Joe
  16. joewr

    First Stage Regulator Failure Rates

    Hi, All, Please, I would appreciate it if this would not devolve into an argument about regulator types. Please! I’ve been looking for DATA about first stage failure rates, and have not found any. if anyone has DATA, I’d appreciate it. Confession: I’ve always used piston-type first stages...
  17. joewr

    Historic Logos, Decals, and Patches

    I had to dig deep to find this one!
  18. joewr

    Very interested in BP/w. Confused/help

    Somewhere where the don’t sample good Bourbons while the ice melts...
  19. joewr

    Which Hawaiian island is best for shore diving?

    Hi, Be warned: Pacific Rim has changed its logo—much more sleek and artistic. They used to have a somewhat small, but very fast 6 pack, now they have a more luxurious 34’ boat that is just as fast. And they are great people! Joe
  20. joewr

    Which Hawaiian island is best for shore diving?

    The say confession is good for the soul: truth be told, I haven’t dived (dove/dave) with Jack’s in ages. I just happen to like their hoody. My favorite Kona dive boat is operated by Pacific Rim—and I love their t-shirts. Alas, no hoody. But my absolute favorite used to be Sandwich Isle Divers...
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