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  1. Sevenrider860

    Custom Neoprene drysuit need one who makes the best?

    The model I purchased was the Ti-3000, but with 4mm instead of 3.5mm which is standard. The Ti 3000 and Ti 5000 are compressed neoprene. This is not "crushed" like my DUI CF200, so a little thicker, but not as thick as my O'Three MSF500 which I believe is standard neoprene. There is some...
  2. Sevenrider860

    Custom Neoprene drysuit need one who makes the best?

    I don’t know anything about the Seaskin product, so I won’t comment. I have ordered an O’Three custom made to order drysuit…an MSF-500. After initial measurements they sent me the unfinished suit and we had a Skype video session to mark exact knee location, finger tip location for pockets, and...
  3. Sevenrider860

    Custom Neoprene drysuit need one who makes the best?

    I have have a custom neoprene drysuit made by SeaSoft Scuba. The model is a Ti 3000 and I had them use 4mm crushed neoprene instead of the standard 3.5 mm. It is truly a self donning back-zip. I had pockets and a p-valve added. I am very happy with the fit and durability of this drysuit...
  4. Sevenrider860

    For Sale Tovatec Galaxy II Video Dive Light $150

    I have a Tovatec Galaxy II Video Dive Light. This light was purchased in 2020 and has never been in the water. I have everything the light originally came with. Light with YS adapter Lithium-ion battery pack Battery charging cable Extra O-rings Ball mount Reusable padded box Instruction sheet...
  5. Sevenrider860

    Tips on sales for underwater strobes?

    I am not aware of any specific sales or strobe sale seasons. While shopping for an Ikelite housing and checking both Backscatter and Bluewater Photo, I stumbled on Mozaik UW Cameras at Mozaik Underwater Cameras | Housings | Strobes | Video Lights. I asked about any discounting and they offered...
  6. Sevenrider860

    Dive computer - pull out battery between dive outings?

    Scubapro Aladin computer manuals (Sport Matrix, H Matrix, 2G, One) specifically state that lubricant should not be used. They also assume the use of teflon coated o-rings. "O-ring is Teflon-coated and does not require additional lubrication." "Do not lubricate the O-ring as the lubricant will...
  7. Sevenrider860

    PADI E Learning vs Manual

    PADI has not gone 100% eLearning yet. Traditional manuals/crew-packs are still available for many courses. Any PADI instructor or dive center should be able to order them. What specific courses/manuals you are interested in?
  8. Sevenrider860

    SOLD!!! Sea Life Sea Dragon 4500 Pro Photo/Video Light - $150 + Shipping

    I am selling my Sea Life Sea Dragon 4500 Photo/Video Light (Model SL675). $150 + $20 USPS Priority Mail shipping. From the Sea Life Manual... "The Sea Dragon Pro Photo/Video light delivers 4500 true lumens in a smooth, even 120° wide beam without hotspots. Unmatched 96 CRI (color...
  9. Sevenrider860

    Deep Diver manual or elearning?

    It is a "limited, entry-level technical diving program that bridges the gap between recreational diving and full technical deep decompression diving". I know SSI and IANTD have a similar courses that allow a single cylinder configuration to be used. I have yet to have a student take the course...
  10. Sevenrider860

    Deep Diver manual or elearning?

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, the PADI Tec40 course does not require a standard technical rig. You can show up with a Scubapro Stab Jacket, AL80, and a pony bottle and take the course. You do not need a set of doubles or a side mount configuration. • A single cylinder with single outlet...
  11. Sevenrider860

    Deep Diver manual or elearning?

    I agree that the PADI Tec40 is much better than the Deep Diver course if the student has the pre-requisites. PADI Tec40 does allow a more "recreational" configuration to be used. Things to consider...Tec40 does not currently have an eLearning curriculum and the student materials required...
  12. Sevenrider860

    Apeks wing retractor

    There are detailed instructions specific to the WTX-D Series...
  13. Sevenrider860

    Need help with dive bag/Travel bag?

    The Large Upright Duffle is big, just watch out on your total weight as it is easy to go over 50 pounds. I also have two of the Medium Duffles which I use for dive gear also. I like the bottom panel which I use to put my clothes. packed tightly, this makes a great base for the gear in the...
  14. Sevenrider860

    SOLD!!! Sea & Sea YS-01 Solis Underwater Strobes - $125

    Reduced to $125 each or $225 for the pair.
  15. Sevenrider860

    SOLD!!! Sea & Sea YS-01 Solis Underwater Strobes - $125

    I would use a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box which is $21.90. As I mentioned above, I will just charge $20. $320 for both items shipped.
  16. Sevenrider860

    For Sale Sea & Sea YS-01 Underwater Strobe - Made in Japan $150

    This strobe was purchased from Backscatter in early September, 2019. Serial number is 090021045.
  17. Sevenrider860

    SOLD!!! Sea & Sea YS-01 Solis Underwater Strobes - $125

    These are about 7 years old (purchased early 2014 from Backscatter). They have been used, but not a lot. I was using a Canon S100 and focused primarily on Macro with a Sola video light rather than using the strobes. I verified that each strobe fired using TTL with a TG-6 before listing. The...
  18. Sevenrider860

    For Sale Sea & Sea YS-01 Underwater Strobe - Made in Japan $150

    I have a made in Japan Sea & Sea YS-01 Underwater Strobe for sale. Depth rating: 75m / 250ft 4x AA Batteries TTL & Manual Control Fiber Optic Only Includes Diffuser Uses YS Mount A fiber optic cable is included. $200 + $20 shipping using USPS Priority Mail. I will provide a 10-day return on...
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