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  1. Jack Hammer

    Ad banner is on top of watch thread and page number

    There is an ad banner that sits over the option to add a thread to the watch list or to pick a ge in the thread. The page number shows through the ad. I'm using Chrome via Android device.
  2. Jack Hammer

    American Airworks Compressor

    Any feedback on American Airworks Fast 35 compressor? They say it is their own design and not a Bauer clone. The only info I could find was a government review comparing small portable compressors for emergency usage. It rated well. High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors I have a need for a...
  3. Jack Hammer

    Tagging OP

    Any way yet to tag users so when they post in the thread they started we know/remember they are the OP? FB does something similar. There is a little "author" tag next to their name when they post. Thanks, - Jeff
  4. Jack Hammer

    New Virgin Wreck Discovered Chicago

    New Virgin Wreck found locally. We have been referring to it as"NiCool's Wreck" because Capt. Nicole from Double Action Dive Charters found it and she's a really cool person. Mystery shipwreck discovered near Chicago
  5. Jack Hammer

    Help identify this cylnder

    A friend gave me a tank last year that he was given years ago that he thought was an LP14. I just looked at it and its definately not that, nor a 13 or 19. It's made by Luxfer, original hydro 10/02, 3AL3000. There are 2 stickers that say Draeger Safety, no idea if that's some company or Draeger...
  6. Jack Hammer

    Excessive Ads

    It seems random. I'm seeing 2-3 ads at the top of some pages and more ads between between posts in each thread I view. Some of the ads are disguised as similar to a pm notification. It's a bit excessive. Not sure if it is intentional. I visit via chrome on Android. Thanks
  7. Jack Hammer

    Divers Riding Whale Shark

    A story on scuba divers riding a whale shark in Indonesia popped into my feed today. I didn't save the link and am unable to find the original story. Basically the local RAID group reported this to officials and another story said arrests were made, no names listed. I find it sad to see a group...
  8. Jack Hammer

    Just got another, Congratulations you've just won Pop Up

    That annoying popup, "Congratulations You've Just Won"... is back. :eek: Just got it
  9. Jack Hammer

    What happened to the Go To First Unread Option

    Title sums it up. I no longer see an option in a thread to "go to first unread". This really sucks when someone posts in a thread that's a month old and I'm taken to the first post and have to work my way backward from the end end of several pages. Thanks, - Jeff Chrome and Samsung Internet...
  10. Jack Hammer

    Ads causing difficulties

    Sorry to have to complain again. I'm having quite a big of difficulty on the sites ads lately. There is a block that runs video ads on the bottom of the page. When its running video I am forced to watch it by it directing my tablet to it. If i scroll away I am pulled back down. This continues...
  11. Jack Hammer

    Autoscrolling to Trivago ad

    When I open a thread and the ad for Trivago (spelling?) appears at the bottom of the page the page autoscrolls to the ad and opens my keyboard trying to force me to enter information in the ad instead of reading the thread. This seems to disable my option to start viewing unread posts as I am at...
  12. Jack Hammer

    Smileys not posting

    Hi, When I add Smileys to posts they often don't show. I've had to edit most posts to add them, sometimes it takes multiple attempts. Today, i made a post and they won't show at all. It tends to leave a post up to interpretation, too many people are looking for ways to be offended. Is it my...
  13. Jack Hammer

    Popups When Logging In

    The last few times I've logged in via mobile phone I get BS Popups telling me I've won stuff and click to claim prizes. Only happens when I click the login, and only on this site. I'm using: T mobile, Samsung S5, Android, Chrome. Thanks - Jeff
  14. Jack Hammer

    ML 2008 Bare NexGen Pro Drysuit - $350

    Medium/Large 2008 Bare NexGen Pro Drysuit Needs new zipper, otherwise good condition, neck&wrist seals fine. Includes pee valve, suspenders, 2 lg velcro cargo pockets, wetsocks w/soles, Si-Tech valves, Bare carry bag, original tags and manual, fully transferable lifetime guarantee on seams...
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