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  1. DiveMaven

    Molokini poaching

    I just got back from nearly a month on Maui and made it out to Molokini about 4x once out of quarantine. On each visit I observed people fishing with either line or spears either at Reefs End or just around the corner at Reefs End or Ene Nue. On the last day of diving at Molokini I had the...
  2. DiveMaven

    For Sale Zeagle Ranger LTD XL

    my husband wants to sell his XL Zeagle Ranger LTD. it’s in great condition, has the BX inflator, has been kept in a smoke free closet in bedroom, has always been meticulously cleaned inside and out after diving in salt water, and is a great BC overall. We’re asking $300+20 shipping if anyone...
  3. DiveMaven

    Do not listen to AVIS!

    We arrived on Saturday and when we picked up our rental car from AVIS they told us to always leave the windows rolled up and the doors locked...even at dive sites. I clarified that THREE times with them, telling them that I'm just asking for broken windows and they confirmed their directions...
  4. DiveMaven

    July in Bonaire!

    we made our final payment for our trip to Bonaire for 2 weeks in July! It's been 3 years since we were last there and this will be our 5th trip...can't wait!
  5. DiveMaven

    Women's XL Pinnacle 5mm

    Brand new, no tags, never worn, 5mm Merino lined, Pinnacle women's XL wetsuit. Features: Made with stretchy eslastiprene Merino lining increases warmth without increasing bulk or buoyancy Rubber shoulder pads designed to grip the buoyancy compensator and reduce wear Kevlar knee pads Wrist...
  6. DiveMaven

    SubSee +10 Diopter

    (From ReefNet) The SubSee MagnifierReefNet's SubSee Magnifier is a high-quality close-up lens specifically designed for underwater photographers and videographers. It may be used on its own or mounted in a SubSee Adapter for maximum convenience. Its features include: Large Diameter: A 52 mm...
  7. DiveMaven

    Transpac XT + SS backplate?

    I'm looking at the Transpac XT harness and want to know if I can mount a SS Backplate to it. If so, where? Is it simply mounted between the harness and wing, or would I need to disassemble the harness a bit and install it between the lumbar pad and harness? I can't find a clear answer to...
  8. DiveMaven

    Fantastic Conditions!

    Dive conditions on Maui have been amazing this week! In shore waters have had 60+ feet of viz with no waves making for easy entries. We've also been treated to pipefish, a Longnose Hawkfish, 2 baby yellow Frogfish, lots of different nudibranchs, Sharks, and when we turned our (1:45) dive...
  9. DiveMaven

    Why I still book boat dives

    We come to Maui 4x per year, spending approximately 6-7 weeks on island each year. Although we come so often, we continue to book boat diving for each trip to be guaranteed some diving. This trip has been a perfect representation of why. We arrived on island to rain, which continued on and...
  10. DiveMaven

    Warm Water!

    Holy cow, the water was warm this morning!! Went to Makena Landing (Maui) and did a 1 hour 45 minute dive and never even got close to chilled. Friends were telling us that the water this summer was 82 with a sometimes 83 reading, which is about 3-4 degrees warmer than in a long, long time...
  11. DiveMaven

    Zeagle Regulators

    For Sale: Zeagle Flathead VI first and second stages with an Envoy octopus and Miflex hoses on both. $300 Zeagle Flathead 7 first and second stages with an Envoy octopus and Miflex hoses on both. $350 Both regulators have been service annually and were serviced in April, 2014 and have not...
  12. DiveMaven

    Pro Diver sinks

    This morning after doing their first dive at Molokini, Pro Diver's boat began taking on water and sank. Everyone got off the boat safely and were picked up and taken to shore by B&B's crew. Glad everyone is safe and well, sorry for the owners at the loss of their boat.
  13. DiveMaven

    Maui diving early April

    We originally planned on mostly shore diving this trip, but the weather quickly changed our plans. All of the rain that's fallen in the past couple of weeks on Haleakala has turned inshore waters very green with poor viz. Today the wind was so strong that nobody was able to dive Molokini and...
  14. DiveMaven

    First whale 2013!!

    Hawaii News Now posted a picture of the first whale spotted in Maui County waters today. Wow, talk about early!!!!
  15. DiveMaven

    Bonaire-Just as good as I remembered!

    We arrived yesterday and got 2 dives in the first day, four today. We've done our home reef, Bari 3x, and headed south to Tori's, Salt Pier, and Aquarius. We wanted to go to Vista Blue and Margate Bay, but the wave action sent us quickly back around the corner. On our dive at Salt Pier, we were...
  16. DiveMaven

    Help with ID?

    Does anyone know what this is? I can't find it in my books or on-line. I included the shot with my finger so you can see how small it is.
  17. DiveMaven

    Port assembly for 100mm Macro lens for Sea&Sea RDX Housings

    I listed our port assembly for a 100mm macro lens on e-bay. It'll fit all Sea & Sea RDX housings, and has a threaded end so you can add an external (wet) Diopter for super macro shots. Sea Sea 100mm Macro Port Assembly for RDX Housings and Canon Cameras | eBay
  18. DiveMaven

    Sea & Sea RDX-550D Housing with Standard Port/ 100mm Port Assembly

    We have a Sea & Sea RDX-550D Housing with a Standard Port with zoom gear and NEW o-rings for sale. Designed for a Canon T2i or Canon T1i. Less than 2 years old in excellent condition. We haven't taken photos yet, but if anyone is interested let me know. Asking $600 to include free Priority...
  19. DiveMaven

    New Maui Photos

    I finally got my husband's photos edited and posted to our website. We definitely don't have as many photos as past trips as he was using his new 100mm macro lens, and we had some current on quite a few dives. Holding that camera perfectly still while battling the current and not touching...
  20. DiveMaven

    Light and Motion Sola 1200

    I have a 2012 Light and Motion Sola 1200 for sale. Comes with charger, hand mount, wrist lanyard, and pistol grip handle, so you get to choose how you want to carry it. Used once on a dive, but quickly realized I don't need it. It is in like NEW condition. Retail price (new) is $699. I'm...
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