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  1. uncfnp

    For Sale XS Scuba Dry-Five 5 mm dry gloves size Small and XSmall.

    35 dollars each set including shipping US. Used less than 5 times diving fresh water. There is scuffing on the wrist neoprene with a single partial thickness quarter inch split on the Extra Small gloves. Also scuffing and an eighth inch partial split on the Small set.
  2. uncfnp

    Aquacat cabin 11

    Eric and I are hoping to dive the Aquacat spring 2022. Not a lot of options left. Has anyone stayed in cabin11? Any storage?
  3. uncfnp

    Does anyone have experience with Nationwide travel insurance?

    I am looking for a reasonably priced plan to cover a LOB trip this fall, mostly something that includes coverage if trip impacted by weather. Any opinion?
  4. uncfnp

    Adjusting IP on Deep6 Scribble?

    Doing a routine check on my newish Deep6 Scribble I found the IP pressure at 155 on tank with pressure at around 1800. Looking at the Signature manual I assume this should be around 135?
  5. uncfnp

    Q&A and Covid updates

    There has been a massive amount of general to very specific information about covid on SB but it’s scattered across multiple threads and forums with some good info deleted because it is off topic to that thread. So I have created a thread for anything and everything covid (as long as you keep...
  6. uncfnp

    Is it possible to travel responsibly (during a pandemic)?

    There have been so many threads and deleted posts about covid and travel that I thought I would start a thread devoted to safe(er) travel. And yes, I have a Florida trip and 2 Liveaboards planned so far for this year.
  7. uncfnp

    Getting rusty (in more ways than one)

    I am accustomed to a dive trip every 3 months or less. This year has seen 2 trips and a few quarry dives but I have only had 2 dives since August and they were both quarry, which are just not the same for me as ocean dives with the added challenges of depth, current, surge, waves and boat. I...
  8. uncfnp

    Early Black Friday Sale! @Mako Spearguns (and more)

    We missed the February wetsuit sale so have been hoping for a Black Friday special and it’s here! Plus lots more.:bounce: Ordering 7 mm wetsuits. Already own their 3 and 5 suits and obviously love ‘em.
  9. uncfnp

    Rebuild MK 25 problem

    My first Scubapro rebuild in years and I’ve messed up. It is an O2 clean project so I don’t want to take it apart too many times. Hoping one of you gurus can at least point me to a place to start. Everything seemed fine when I hooked it up to my tank...until I looked at my IP gauge. It was off...
  10. uncfnp

    Covid-19 and Cayman travel...

    Schools close, cruise ships banned to prevent coronavirus spread - Cayman Compass Our trip is planned for April 22nd
  11. uncfnp

    First stage issue

    Aqualung Mikron connected to steel 100 at 3200 psi. IP steady at 135. Can anyone tell me what is causing the popping sound when I open the valve? ?
  12. uncfnp

    Twenty-two minutes of humility

    It was almost 6 months in the making but last week on my 61st birthday Eric and I finally had our first opportunity to dive our Aqualung Fusion drysuits. Eric took to it immediately but me, not so much. I use the excuse that I was underweighted but truth was I looked like it was my first ever...
  13. uncfnp

    I must be having a senior moment!

    Looking at the Deep6 site I found the Scribble Din first stage only. Listed as limited supply and doesn’t show out of stock but could not find the buy button. Then looked at other items just to check and I don’t see a buy option for any item I looked it. Is it a website issue or am I missing...
  14. uncfnp

    So who’s ever brought up their second stage in a lobster bag?

    Of course I debated posting this but it happened and I own it so... It was the first day of a week diving the West Palm Beach area of Florida. Our focus this trip is to catch lobsters. I had switch my hoses over to a DIN first stage since we use our own tanks here. I also changed out a swivel...
  15. uncfnp

    February Roll Call 2020. Yeah!

    uncfnp & soloist................2/11 to 2/19.................Casa Mexicana..................Tres Pelicanos
  16. uncfnp

    Ostracod and Coral Spawning Oct 2019

    Per Dive Friends Bonaire Facebook page... Coral Spawning and Ostracod Night Dives are happening this week!! Get ready for the most magical experience underwate, you DO NOT want to miss out on this!! October is typically our warmest month for underwater temperatures, which means the corals have...
  17. uncfnp

    Dogs at risk!

    I no longer have a pet at risk but after seeing this on the local morning news I wanted to pass it along. I had no idea ... Heartbroken dog owners mourn the loss of their pets from deadly algae
  18. uncfnp

    Packing for the island hop with Cayman Air

    Ok. I admit it. My name is Lisa and I am a gear junkie. And I push the size/weight limits when I travel. So I need help planning my upcoming trip on Cayman Air. Reading the restrictions I get confused. I know it says checked is 55 but is this for the island transfer as well? And the carry on...
  19. uncfnp

    For Sale Aqualung Mikron diaphragms

    I was desperate for 2 replacement diaphragms for my Mikrons and had waited months for my LDS to get them. Then rsingler came thru for me with 3 bright new replacements. Another 2 months go by and I get an email from my shop that my parts were in. I like supporting my LDS and I had no proof I had...
  20. uncfnp

    Getting info for possible California trip...

    Eric and I need to broaden our horizons. We are looking for a trip next year but we are not yet ready for the commitment of a southeast Asia trip. The Red Sea and the Galapagos are not an option for now. I am thinking a California trip might be a good compromise. I have never been to California...
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