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  1. pnw_diver

    History of blood clots a contraindication for diving?

    First of all, I want to say that I'm going to get a referral to a physician knowledgeable in dive medicine before I resume diving. Right now, I'm looking for comments both from the medical community and from divers who have had a similar condition. This was not in any way dive-related, I...
  2. pnw_diver

    Light for Warm Water Day Diving?

    I'm a big fan of these for backup lights and dives where I don't need a big light bazooka. Penetrater 220 , Piranha Dive Manufacturing
  3. pnw_diver

    When to call a dive

    Number one rule of diving.... well, there's a lot of number one rules. One of them is that anyone can call a dive at any time for any reason. No apologies necessary, no repercussions. After-action review is good for learning how to avoid the problem situation next time. I've called dives...
  4. pnw_diver

    Used doubles setup, price in the right ballpark?

    You've got a point there. They're substantially heavier than the HP100s that I already have. I'm thinking that I'll be passing on these and using the HPs I already have, and maybe pick up a couple of extra tanks for singles.
  5. pnw_diver

    DMs working for free - can it be good for the customer?

    To be fair, around here ("here" being loosely defined so that you and I are both "here", even though we're 180 or so miles apart), divemasters aren't really the same as divemasters in resort locations. It's my impression that around here, DM training is a stepping-stone to instructor or a DM...
  6. pnw_diver

    DMs working for free - can it be good for the customer?

    This would be me, if I were much younger had far fewer responsibilities. :D
  7. pnw_diver

    Used doubles setup, price in the right ballpark?

    Thanks for the link. With shipping to me, it's still pretty close to a grand. Right now, the difference between ~500-600 and ~900-1100 is the difference between being able to buy them now or 6 months from now. I kicked the credit habit a few years ago, and don't buy anything on credit that...
  8. pnw_diver

    Used doubles setup, price in the right ballpark?

    I'm going to be getting started in tech, for now, I'm going to be doing my normal, routine (Puget Sound - cold, dark, green water with occasional good vis) rec dives in doubles to get used to them.
  9. pnw_diver

    Used doubles setup, price in the right ballpark?

    I've got a local seller who's offered a set of PST LP104 doubles, Dive Rite 300bar manifold, OMS bands, current vis/hydro and O2 clean. He's offering the set at $550, and he's firm. I priced out the same setup new (with XS LP108s instead) and new would run about twice that. Price about right?
  10. pnw_diver

    Could be trouble for leisurepro and others

    The software contained within a dive computer certainly is covered under copyright law.
  11. pnw_diver

    Visual inspection and O2 cleaning pricing

    Vancouver, WA - $17 vis, $30 O2 cleaning, $35 hydro
  12. pnw_diver

    Argon - Question

    With proper undergarments, I've dove waters in the 33-37 degree range and been comfortable - without argon. I don't know how much of a difference it would make, I have doubts that it would be much of an improvement. I'd rather not carry an extra bottle.
  13. pnw_diver

    Do you use your SAC for anything? POLL

    I don't tech dive (yet), but I do use SAC rate (recorded after every dive) to plan air consumption, rock bottom and turnaround pressure (given the dive plan). I'm at a point where at any given point in a time (based on elapsed time), I can predict within 100-150 PSI where my tank pressure is...
  14. pnw_diver

    Inflator style Alt you love yours?

    I have one on my Seaquest Black Diamond BC, which I no longer use. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after considering actual use in a failure case, as well as practicing during simulated exercises, I decided it wasn't appropriate for me (not going to comment on whether it is...
  15. pnw_diver

    Nitrox Tank

    This is, IMHO, only true if the fill station is NOT using partial pressure fills. If they are, the first thing they do (after draining the tank) is to partially fill it with 100% O2. You (and they) really want an O2-clean tank for that. It may be standard practice in a lot of places to use...
  16. pnw_diver

    Argon - Question

    Argon is a noble gas and doesn't react chemically with other elements under normal conditions. Barring any trace gases or a fill station adding something other than argon, argon is just argon. Argon is produced by fractional distillation of ordinary atmospheric air, so any trace gases will...
  17. pnw_diver

    Fear of Deep/Open Water

    Haven't read any of the followups but I'll throw my .02 in the hat anyways. Seasickness - I've had it, don't get it so much any more unless it's really rough (and in that case I'm probably going to stay on shore). If Dramamine works for you, I'd use it - it makes me sleepy so I don't use it...
  18. pnw_diver

    Rec Diving Then vs. Now

    I get what you're saying here, but to be fair, I've got to step in. I certified in 1/2001 (almost exactly 10 years to the day), diving isn't that much different now than it was then, except that computers have become much more common. I wasn't told that I would "die" if I exceeded 40m/130ft...
  19. pnw_diver

    Considering switching to w/bp

    A few things to consider - You may not need much additional weight if you use a steel backplate, so weight integration may not be as big of a deal as you may think. I'm a big guy, and use a weight harness (I hate weight belts) for the extra ballast I need, and it allows for quick ditching...
  20. pnw_diver

    Wrecks of Nanaimo

    Sadly, Ken's boat sank, shortly after I dove with him the first week of October 2010. I haven't heard any word as to when or if he's going to resume operations. Ken runs a great operation, hopefully he'll get back in the game soon.
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