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  1. textilet

    Gina Castillo

    She popped into my head just now-oddly about two years since she passed. What a sweet person and a skilled diver. Shortly before she died, we dove together and on the boat home her brand new scooter flopped over and slid right out the back of the boat. We looked for an hour for it then she...
  2. textilet

    Closed: Underwater Light Dude LD15

    Purchased new in 2014, so I don't believe it is a gen 5
  3. textilet

    Closed: Underwater Light Dude LD15

    Uh oh. Purchased 2014. The pics don't show? *Edited with correct date*
  4. textilet

    Closed: Underwater Light Dude LD15

    LD15 light with 96W/hr battery and top gland. Purchased new in 2014. Used but functioning perfectly. Comes with charger and bolt snap :) Looking for $600 plus shipping. Thanks for looking!
  5. textilet

    Closed: Closed

    Housing is used in good condition with some cosmetic wear visible; See photos for details. This will come with a brand new padded Nauticam carrying case for $1700 shipped to CONUS. Awesome housing for an awesome camera! Gh4 (2) by textilet posted Jun 22, 2017 at 8:53 PMNa-Gh4 by textilet...
  6. Gh4 (1)

    Gh4 (1)

  7. Gh4 (5)

    Gh4 (5)

  8. Gh4 (4)

    Gh4 (4)

  9. Gh4 (6)

    Gh4 (6)

  10. Gh4 (3)

    Gh4 (3)

  11. Gh4 (2)

    Gh4 (2)

  12. Gh4 (2)

    Gh4 (2)

  13. Na-Gh4


  14. textilet

    Panasonic GH4 lens selection

    I've been shooting with the gh4 / 7-14mm combo. (video: Ship Rock Deco (GH4 underwater in shallow kelp garden) on Vimeo for natural light, GH4 at Ship Rock (underwater & low light) on Vimeo deeper/less light). The lens has been great so far. The only other wide lens I would like to try is...
  15. textilet

    DCS incident, Catalina Island August 15

    I was in the vicinity yesterday and heard some of the radio back and forth between the CG and a dive boat regarding a diver showing bilateral DCS symptoms and being treated with O2. Heard some details of the dive but I'm not sure if they have any basis in reality or were just heat of the moment...
  16. textilet

    Bad tank purchase?

    I sold my set for a couple reasons: The valves having an odd thread size meant the manifold choices were limited and the valves and manifold weren't interchangeable with the other sets of doubles I had. Also the extra negative buoyancy was an issue because with double Worthington and...
  17. textilet

    New ZEN products for mirrorless housings

    Excellent thank you.
  18. textilet

    New ZEN products for mirrorless housings

    Trickster was this recorded in 1080p or recorded 4k with the additional crop that 4K applies? I am going to be using the same set up just trying to get a feel for the field of view with the zen+7-14+4k mode
  19. textilet

    Saw my first Great White

    We were totally willing to get in with blues. But Chris spotted the GWS first and just quietly said "There's a massive great white out there." I rolled the dry suit right back up.
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