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  1. moonlighting

    Diving in Coron Palawan May 29 - June 1

    Let's dive! We're buying ferry tickets now.
  2. moonlighting

    And the winners are...

    Straight from the MAD Awards Night: Papa Jonix - Winner - Wide / Black & White Papa Piolo (aka Boljakool) - Winner - Wide/Color/Model (ang hilig talaga sa mga model! grrr #$!**@!!!) Penn, you're using a cheap camera and you win, no need to purchase that G10, eh? Congrats guys!
  3. moonlighting

    Happy V-day To All!

    :07: :love: :Kissy: :inlove: Happy Love Day to ALL! May it be love day everyday for you! (mag-ingat sa paputok... mas maraming napuputukan pag Valentine's kesa pag New Year: Be careful with firecrackers)
  4. moonlighting

    Diving Gloves

    My next dive requires me to wear gloves. Of what material should a good diving gloves be? I dive in the Philippines so the water is normally warm. Once during fish feeding, i was handed thick gloves. The thickness bothered me as I had difficulty feeling the button of my BCD. Also, it's...
  5. moonlighting

    How to hijack a thread!!!

    This is in defense of Lolo Pao.... Bati po tayo Koya Jagggggggggggggg.... muah-muah-muah!
  6. moonlighting

    Gear Shops around Metro Manila

    Hmmm... if will pass everything needed, i might get my certification in two weeks time. Depending on the result of my check out dive (will I find it addicting or just a so-so water activity), i'm considering to slowly and slowly invest for gears. I'm a backpacker/budget sort of a diver (maybe)...
  7. moonlighting

    OPen Water Diving Manual

    Hi guys! You had fun at your dive-o-rama, great! I had my intro dive the same day (saturday). I hope to join you once I get certified (open water). I've a question: how much is an open water diving manual? and where do I buy it (if my instructor won't let me borrow his :D ) ANy one out there...
  8. moonlighting

    Full Face Dive Mask

    Are full face dive masks readily available locally either by purchase or rental? If so, how much will it cost me to buy one or rent one?
  9. moonlighting

    INquiry on dive lesson rates

    Hi. I'm new here. I'm considering to learn diving but due to time and financial constraints, this is my concern: Any one knows any one who offers cheapest and shortest open water course with certification? How much and where? thanks!
  10. moonlighting

    Dentured divers?

    Excuse the topic but my friend thinks it's an essential matter to know: Is wearing upper dentures, and ill-fitting too, hindrance to diving?
  11. moonlighting

    Cheapest rates?

    I hope this is the right forum for my question? I'm considering learning to dive? Due to time and financial constraints, here are my concerns: Would anyone knows who offers the cheapest and shortest open water course (with certification) here in Manila, Philippines or nearby (Batangas or...
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