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    The Great T-SHIRT Thread !!

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    ScubaBoard's NEW Features !!!

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    Any other musicians here?

    Whoa ... That would make you (counts on fingers) ... 61 Years Old ... I would have never guessed ... And I have spent some time around you in person ... ... I would have never figured you to be a day over 60 1/2 ... :mission: hehehe, I am actually just kidding in case anyone is...
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    Dont like diving w/ Sig others?

    Have you ever thought about putting them on a shorter leash? hehe, j/k ... What I was really going to say is have you ever tried "Underwater Communications"? Especially when diving with a S/O this can prove beneficial ... On the other hand ... If you chose Scuba as a joint hobby to...
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    anyone who hates diving?

    Here is someone that SHOULD HAVE GIVEN UP diving!! KN =-)
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    The Great T-SHIRT Thread !!

    This is perfect, the only difference is give examples of what the "ridiculous specialty patches" would be and this is a winner ... KN =-)
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    Now I've seen everything...

    "Safely travel with your feathered friends without fear of messy surprises! Convenient! Comfy! Colorful! " Convenient? Maybe for you, you ain't gotta waddle around with a LOAD in your shorts that resembles yesterdays Lunch! Comfy? Uh hu, Yep, I like to sit in a pile of my own...
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    Scubaboard T-Shirt's???

    This thread will stop here and Resume Over Here... You said you wanted it, now jump to the Other Thread and Prove it! The Great T-Shirt Thread KN =-)
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    The Great T-SHIRT Thread !!

    Scuba Board memorabilia, eh? Many of you have been mentioning stuff like "ScubaBoard T-Shirts", "NDI Chapter T-Shirts", etc, etc... Well, this is actually something we have been trying to get going for quite some time now. We currently have a professional graphic artist who is willing to...
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    Scubaboard Live Chat Room

    Well, I will say this much, there are many PRO's to a live chat session but MORE PRO's in a ARCHIVABLE and SEARCHABLE forum like these. Not to mention the awesome bandwith and HIGH cost that come with LIVE chat. Sure, you can use the free services, but you get what you pay for. Believe me I...
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    Military Diving

    hehe If I read you right, I think the following information is is what you are looking for. US Army Engineer Diver - MOS 00B Now if you want the official "PR" description of the Army Diving Engineer MOS, here you are - "Major duties. The diver supervises or performs underwater...
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    A few of you should like this ...

    Especially NetDoc ... What if Operating Systems were Airlines... DOS AIR All the passengers go out onto the runway, grab hold of the plane, push it until it gets in the air, hop on, jump off when it hits the ground again. Then they grab the plane again, push it back into the air, hop on...
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    Special Training Class Announcement

    Mike Kane (MHK on Scubaboard) and possibly additional GUE instructors will be leading a GUE DIR-Fundamentals course at Joe's Falling Rock Quarry in LaGrange, Kentucky from June 13-15, 2003. LaGrange is about a half hour northeast of Louisville, or an hour and 15 minutes northwest of Lexington...
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    WAR: US vs everyone else

    I believe in everyones right to free speech, but there is a time and a place for everything ... A SCUBA DIVING forum is not best suited for these topics. These type topics are best suited for forums that are specifically designed for them as they spawns mixed feelings and often missunderstood...
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    Space Shuttle Explodes????

    Here is a Live NASA Video Stream for thats that want to watch it live from the Web ... KN =-)
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