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    doctormike submitted a new resource: Seasickness - If you are a boat diver, you likely have had this problem. Here is some advice on management. Read more about this resource...
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    SMB, DSMB, Lift Bags and Safety Sausages

    doctormike submitted a new resource: SMB, DSMB, Lift Bags and Safety Sausages - A guide to these commonly confused items Read more about this resource...
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    The Checklist Sticker

    doctormike submitted a new resource: The Checklist Sticker - A convenient pre-splash rebreather checklist to encourage safer diving Read more about this resource...
  4. doctormike

    Ear Problems in Scuba Diving

    doctormike submitted a new resource: Ear Problems in Scuba Diving - A reivew of dive related ear problems, by Michael Rothschild, MD Read more about this resource...
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    Thinking of a new dry suit - anyone used No Gravity suits?

    So my 10 year old Santi elite is getting to be pretty high maintenance. I dive it fairly hard on NYC are wrecks, and have been chasing a few holes here and there, which I have patched (some myself, some by pros) with varying success. Zipper replaced by Steve Gamble about 2 years ago. But I...
  6. doctormike

    Trying to put together a flow limiter / pressure gauge combination

    Hey, some of you probably have done something like this before, or might know if my idea has any potential risks. I use a divesoft flow limiter to analyze gas, up to 100% O2, from tanks with DIN valves. Minimizes gas wastage and avoids pressure damage to the sensor from just holding the...
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    Frequent CCR divers, what do you do between dives?

    I usually dive my JJ nearly every weekend in dive season. I have been in the habit of a freshwater soak, complete disassembly, rinsing the inside of the wing, and then sterilizing the loop (hoses and CL) after diving. But one JJ diver that I respect tells me that he leaves it assembled between...
  8. doctormike

    Rebreather or Anesthesia machine?

    OK, so I don't have a drug port on my JJ, I can't add N20, and I don't have the luxury of a trained professional running my rebreather for me during dives. But other than that, not a lot of difference!
  9. doctormike

    Request for comments on article - mixed OC / CCR teams

    We had a discussion a few years ago about this topic, and I have given a lecture on it at Beneath the Sea. I finally got around to putting this in article form, and adding some images. Here's a draft of the article, if anyone is interested in taking a look and letting me know their thoughts...
  10. doctormike

    Show Us Your Diving Bernies

    OK, now that the craze has pretty much run it's course, let's see your favorite Bernie diving memes. Here's one I made.
  11. doctormike

    Doctormike's Children's Book of NYC area Sea Creatures

    Hi, Everyone! If any of you are looking for holiday gifts for the kids in your life, or if you just want to see the beautiful, thriving marine ecosystem just off our shores in the New York City area, you might be interested in this. I have written a children’s book with 29 of my photos of the...
  12. doctormike

    Universal galvanic sensors

    This CCR O2 sensor sensor shortage has got me thinking. Why does each rebreather have its own unique sensors? Why can’t that be standardized? I’m sure that there is some elaborate engineering justification for it, but it seem that they are similar enough that most rebreathers could be...
  13. doctormike

    Face masks on local dive boats

    In trying to figure out the “new normal“ I’m wondering what people are doing regarding facemasks on dive boats for this season. At present, the phased reopening regulations in NY and NJ require facemasks for passengers and crew at all times, but those regulations seem to have been written more...
  14. doctormike

    Suggestions for new wetsuit

    Hi, My Henderson Hyperstretch 5mm suit is getting pretty old and losing some warmth, etc... looking to replace it. Most of my shore diving is in New Jersey. I dive dry when it's pretty cold, but I really prefer to dive wet as soon as I can, since even with a steel single tank, I end up...
  15. doctormike

    Keep getting logged out

    Hi, This is probably not SB specific, since it's happening on Facebook as well. I keep getting logged out of the site after a few minutes. Looked online for solutions - I have deleted all cookies and browser history, have run a malware scan (found two problem files which were then resolved)...
  16. doctormike

    A tale of two pouts

    OK, these both look like ocean pouts - both on wrecks off the New Jersey coast in around 100 FSW. But a significant color difference. Just variation within the same species? Or two different fish...? You can't see the back of the bottom fish, but it was that color on the body as well...
  17. doctormike

    One cell slow to wake up. Your thoughts?

    OK, question for the group. I don’t have the head with me, so I don’t have the raw data download to post, but here is the general issue. JJ CCR, three cells from the same batch, dated March, 2019 Typically when I build the unit and turn on the controller with the head exposed to air, I get...
  18. doctormike

    Thar She Blows!

    Unlike open circuit regulators, a rebreather lets you “talk” and be understood to some degree underwater. It takes practice, and I’m not very good at it. But hanging on the anchor line above the wreck of the Pinta, 15 feet below the surface, I could tell that my buddy Renata was VERY excited...
  19. doctormike

    Not getting mention alerts

    Hi, I happened to open a thread in which I was mentioned (@doctormike), but I never got that alert (didn't find it when looking back in the alert history either). But when I look at my preferences, I have checked the box that says to alert me when my name is mentioned. Any idea?
  20. doctormike

    Want to Buy Used Nauticam 45 degree viewfinder

    The title says it all. Interested in using one of these for macro video, but the price for a new one is pretty steep...
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