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  1. kellevil

    21 watt HID Light Monkey/Halcyon

    Does it come with a charger? How many hours can you get on a full charge? Thanks
  2. kellevil

    First Aid

    haha! that's a very good point :) But I do wish everyone at least carried the basics
  3. kellevil

    First Aid

    It comes with 2 tourniquets but I have extras stashed in strategic locations. The only piece I wish it came with is a Cric kit. But it's easy enough to come up with a field expedient solution.
  4. kellevil

    First Aid

    Always... This is what I carry in my truck. And yes I know how to use everything in it... Squad Kit (CCRK)
  5. kellevil

    Cave diver dies in South-East (Australia)

    I have to say that that this unfortunate event saddens me greatly. I knew who she was before I heard about her death. I had viewed her (and others) videos and pictures and was inspired to one day become a cave diver. When I first read about her death I really wanted to be able to blame it on a...
  6. kellevil

    How many dives do you do in your head per day/week?

    I am nowhere near water at the moment and I won't be for a few more months but I do at least one dive a day in my head. Sometimes I start at the very beginning by pulling the gear out of my truck and doing all the pre-dive checks and go all the way through the dive and the post dive break...
  7. kellevil

    any oklahoma divers here?

    I haven't joined the Aquanauts yet but I was thinking about it. I was planning on finding a way to dive that island this summer and I think it would be fun to link up with you guys. I will sign up on the Aquanauts today.
  8. kellevil

    Cave diver dies in South-East (Australia)

    Looking through the links you guys have posted she is pictured using a CCR in several of them. Not sure of the make but maybe a Dive Rite re-breather? Most of her gear appears to be Dive Rite anyway. And in the credits of one of the videos Wes Skiles was listed. He died while diving with a Dive...
  9. kellevil

    any oklahoma divers here?

    Kellevil checking in... along with my wife and daughter. We live in the OKC area. We will be diving Tenkiller a lot this summer (starting in May) and hopefully a trip to Florida this summer as well.
  10. kellevil

    When diving, where are you?

    Being a relatively new diver I am just thinking about the current situation. And I am happy with that. I am curious to see where I get transported when I close my eyes after several hundred dives. Probably a cave :D
  11. kellevil

    question on physics

    I'm no expert but wouldn't the air pocket inside the car be at the same pressure you are since you are both at the same depth? So even if they were only breathing from the air pocket in the car it would still be compressed air at 2 atm.
  12. kellevil

    140 Used Tanks, 32 sets of regs, 50 BCs - All Must Go!

    Are these 7.25 inch or 8 inch tanks?
  13. kellevil

    Halcyon Scout LED Backup Light

    PM sent
  14. kellevil

    California Diving Co. Dive Box

    Ahh... that's the picture I saw several months ago that made me go buy a pair of those boxes. Thanks for posting that :D
  15. kellevil

    California Diving Co. Dive Box

    I also have one of the smaller Stanley Job Boxes and it works great. I got it after seeing a picture one of the members here had posted (probably diver doug). I can fit all of my dive gear except tanks in the box.
  16. kellevil

    What is your favorite piece of scuba gear?

    My Jetfins because they gave me so much more control that I felt like a better diver.
  17. kellevil

    Dive Rite Duo 2 gas Nitrox computer

    Is this still available? Can you send me a picture?
  18. kellevil

    FDX10 Delta 4.1 with Mares Brigade Octo

    Got the reg. Looks great! Thanks a bunch!!
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