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  1. Chad Sanders

    Cozumel or Roatan?

    Roatan!!!! Antiphonies key resort, first person buys second person free so you are looking at 1200.00 each for 3 dives a day 3 full meals a day plus resort stay, best deal out there, I have been diving in Micronesia, GBR, Thailand Phillpines Hawaii and mexico,,, GO TO ROATAN!!!!
  2. Chad Sanders

    Looking for a Roommate!

    Have fun Roatan!!!! can't go wrong with anything there, I did AKR last year and it is in the top 3 dive places I have been, I learned how to dive in the Micronesian islands and have dived the GBR, Thailand, Philippines Palau, Hawaii and Mexico plus Roatan- my top 3 are Palau, the Philippines and...
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