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    Mapping dive and snorkel site in the Panhandle and AL

    Awesome! Would love to see these for Pensacola area wrecks. You have selected some great dive spots but I would suggest adding the Ocean Wind tugboat. The Russian Freighter and the Massachusetts are both local classics as well.
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    Low Pressure Hose Failure at Depth

    Thanks again to all for the pointers and analysis of the incident. I have posted the video from my mask mounted GoPro at the YouTube link above. After watching the video i am surprised by how much my memory differed from reality. I truly thought we surfaced in a few seconds. I also truly...
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    Low Pressure Hose Failure at Depth

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. @Landau i suppose that definitely could be a possibility. I know that I was surprised to find ourselves at the surface. It all happened very quickly. I was focused on getting my buddy’s octo then we were at the surface. I don’t recall a focused thought of going...
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    Low Pressure Hose Failure at Depth

    Good morning folks. Long time reader, first time poster. Wanted to share my experience as it is still fresh in my mind. This happened on a multi-day liveaboard trip 2 days ago. First day of diving, dive number 4 or 5 for the trip. I will preface by saying I had noticed some leaking on my...
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