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  1. VikingDives

    Question How to prepare for tech diving without diving?

    If I were in your shoes, I'd talk to that instructor and see what he thinks about your plans. Just because he isn't teaching anymore doesn't mean he can't give you a little mentorship. If he can teach you to back kick and hold a hover in neutral buoyancy and horizontal trim, you'll be head and...
  2. VikingDives

    Solo Certification

    There's only one TDI instructor in Minnesota and he isn't certified to teach solo. Here's the link if you want to search elsewhere. So you understand, SDI instructors aren't listed individually, only TDI instructors are, so there's probably more SDI instructors out there that can teach solo...
  3. VikingDives

    Solo Certification

    You're welcome. The SDI course has fewer requirements than the PADI course, but it's all about your instructor. My solo course meets the standards for both agencies (though I don't teach self-reliant).
  4. VikingDives

    Private vs regular group lessons

    My most nervous divers to date were a Deputy US Marshal and a retired police officer. Relax, don't over think things and stay in the moment. You'll do fine.
  5. VikingDives

    Solo Certification

    If you go to SDI's dive center locator there are two shops that offer that class in MN, or they appear to do so. I'd give them a call see if they have someone on staff who can teach your course.
  6. VikingDives

    Question How to prepare for tech diving without diving?

    I agree with Jim about DM programs not providing much inherent value, but being a DM will provide you with lots of time in the water (think: free pool time) to practice your own skills, and some time to hone some of your rescue skills. If you use your time wisely as a DM, it can be quite...
  7. VikingDives

    Private vs regular group lessons

    @kay_ann, you should talk to @Jim Lapenta and see if he can accommodate you. If nothing else, read his first book. The money you spend with Jim learning to dive in neutral buoyancy will be money well spent. If you aren't going to do that, find out what the maximum group size is for the class...
  8. VikingDives

    New charges for Sotis (Add helium)and Emilie Voissem (Nexus Underwater)

    In the federal system, there is no parole. So it should be jail, followed by three years probation, during which, if he violates his terms of release, he would go back to prison for the duration of his sentence.
  9. VikingDives

    Scammers hitting dive shops for fraudulent Shearwater/Garmin computer purchases

    If anyone has any info on this, I have a friend in law enforcement who's very interested. DM you your contact info and I'll play middle man.
  10. VikingDives

    Scammers hitting dive shops for fraudulent Shearwater/Garmin computer purchases

    Hey @Marie13 can you DM me? I can't dm you based on your settings :(
  11. VikingDives

    4ft underwater, dived deeper, momentarily lost consciousness

    Am I the first to call this our as trolling? I mean seriously - someone's got to look back at prior posts, right?
  12. VikingDives

    Worth still doing Peak Performance Buoyancy after AOW?

    It could be worthwhile if the instructor knows/cares about what they are doing. I'd say that'd be the exception, not the rule amongst instructors that teach PPB. Fundies or UTD essentials are probably the only classes you could take where you'd guarantee, sight unseen, to get buoyancy dialed in...
  13. VikingDives

    Can you dive with Asthma?

    I used to have Asthma and still have exercise induced asthma. I've taught a few students with one or both, none had problems getting a medical clearance. I've never seen an asthma attack during a dive, though I'm sure it could happen. My experience is that most asthma is environmentally induced...
  14. VikingDives

    TDI - Intro to Tech - Necessary?

    I'm also starting on tech in the coming year, but let me give you the perspective I have as a rec. instructor with hundreds of dives and who teaches in neutral buoyancy and trim. When I was looking for an instructor, I wanted one who made his/her students take ITT. All things being equal, you...
  15. VikingDives

    Violence in Cancun

    I'd be far more concerned going to Chicago.
  16. VikingDives

    HOG BP/W

    If you get the soft plate, you have to use the adjustable straps - a single piece of webbing doesn't work. I was diving the TBCS before I became a HOG dealer. I've used the soft plate, but I prefer the SS plate. I use the adjustable straps because they are easier for me to maneuver at the...
  17. VikingDives

    Question reg makes vibrating noise

    What's the part # on the washer? I'll look and see if it's normally available... If it's not it's probably only a phone call away.
  18. VikingDives

    Solved: Differentiate Divemasters from Instructors

    Since the update, it appears that DMs are showing up as scuba instructors. I'd suggest that it would be useful for everyone if that was clarified.
  19. VikingDives

    TDI Extended Range Instructor Trainer is South FL?

    +1 Now all we need is the world to shuffle steer, and all instructors to teach in NB/T and life will be good. :)
  20. VikingDives

    Mask Strap (over/under ears?)

    If you are going to exhale out of your nose, you are going to have to accept water in your mask. There isn't a strap that's going to keep that from happening. When you were in open water, you learned to hold the top of your mask and exhale to clear it. The reason you hold the top of the mask...
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