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  1. Salamandra

    Are there people who just CANNOT dive?

    I have a very hard time learning dance moves for what sound like similar reasons. I can eventually get it, it just takes me much longer than everyone else to get it into my muscle memory. If being in the water is something you enjoy, then I think it would be worthwhile to keep trying. Maybe...
  2. Salamandra

    Trip Report CocoView Resort May 8-15, 2021

    Wow thanks so much for this write-up!
  3. Salamandra

    Nonbinary wetsuit question

    I would just try on some women's suits. No it might not be a perfect fit. But it might be good enough. You won't know until you try.
  4. Salamandra

    Breast Cancer Survivors?

    Hi :) I had breast cancer in 2018 and I just started diving this February. I love it so much, but I hadn't really connected it to cancer. I had just a lumpectomy and radiation though, no chemo.
  5. Salamandra

    WtF: The Decline in Scuba Participation

    Maybe it's my age but I seem to keep getting into things that the veterans agree used to be better before - e.g., scuba diving and the teaching profession. One thing that doesn't enhance my enthusiasm for them is a constant drumming on everything I'm missing out on.
  6. Salamandra

    I want to be fit & trim - but HATE exercising!

    I've found lockdown great for losing weight once I committed. So few temptations... I've been doing similar to your daughter - very low carb, relatively high protein. I haven't done the scheduled eating or regular exercises. Now that friends who cook (amazing and delicious) are inviting me...
  7. Salamandra

    New diver in Brooklyn, NY

    Thanks all, and no worries on the gendering. It's the internet, right :) RichieRich, glad to run into another Brooklynite! I am up in Crown Heights, near the Brooklyn Museum. So far the only dive shop I've been to is LeisurePro so it would be cool to come see your shop and meet you. Marie13, I...
  8. Salamandra

    New diver in Brooklyn, NY

    formernuke - that is such a difficult question! (vacation diving versus local diving). I don't even know how to begin to answer. I think I want to find a way to try out local diving first before investing a ton in it. It is kind of too bad the equipment doesn't actually sexually or asexually...
  9. Salamandra

    New diver in Brooklyn, NY

    Thank you so much everybody, I'm feeling very welcomed :) That is a fascinating tip about the aquarium. I will need to look into that. Thanks divad! drrich2, those are great tips and I'm going to dive into reading all your notes. As a solo traveller I love the idea of going with a group. So...
  10. Salamandra

    I want to be fit & trim - but HATE exercising!

    I've been losing weight with diet alone (low carb low calorie). But... I know I do better emotionally and mentally when I exercise. Yet it's so hard for me to get myself to do it! I had a streak earlier this spring where I was waking up early and walking over 5 miles before starting work. I felt...
  11. Salamandra

    New diver in Brooklyn, NY

    Hi ScubaBoard! I've been reading obsessively for a couple of weeks and thought I'd actually join. I spontaneously did a DSD experience on what was meant to be a family snorkeling vacation and fell in love. I'm trying to figure out how much diving I can afford and where. I'm working within the...
  12. Salamandra

    Ear problem, Tinnitus & Buzzing - Never Diving Again

    Oezkan I am so happy you got hopeful news and I wish you all the best! I'm also very happy to have found this thread since I was taught the nose-pinch-blow method (without actually learning the name) on my OWC. I was already experimenting with swallowing but it never would have occurred to me...
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