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    Spring Cleaning--BC, Regs, Lights, Fins, Hardware, Camera(s) & Camera Gear.

    In January I was injured on the job and its looking like it will be another month or two before I can go back. Being out this long is starting to put a little strain on things and selling these items would help relieve that strain. Reasonable offers will be considered, and Photos available...
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    FS - 2 5050's and housing

    i know this is a ike housing thread but if any c5050 owners are looking for a backup camera im in the process of selling my 2 c5050 and pt-015 housing also with some misc spare parts, and inon optical sync cable. if your interested pm me for the list. i will post the list in the next day or so.
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    C5050+ PT-015 owners with UWL-100 lens (help settings needed)

    First off long time no type, i have been away for a while due to some personal / medical issues I just got back from a trip where i rented a UWL 100 to use. I hadnt used this lense before so i went looking on the net for info on settings for this lense with the PT-015 housing. there is...
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    Inon Strobe Manuels

    I got a a inon strobe from reef photo before a trip in september and due to weather conditions didnt get a chance to use it. The only problem im having with the strobes is that the manuels are in japanese only and only thing in english was the inon america warrenty card. so does anyone have...
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    Nikonos V/20mm/ sb 105 price question

    Im looking at several nikonos V on ebay right now and wanted to get the communities opinon. for a Nik V 300 series what is a reasonable price to pay for one with a 35mm lense and then whats a reasonable price for a 20 mm lens with the view finder then the same goes for the SB105 as for a...
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    Dive Flag epaulets (stickers) for your uniform

    Well now that im back from the national jamboree where i was on the scuba and snorkel staff aka the pirate brigade. if you where on the jamboree and noticed in the arena show that a majority of us had dive flag epaulets on our shoulder loops, and wondered where do i get those. Well the answer...
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    Question on ordering for Yuzo

    Last night i placed a order with yuzo's uwdigitalcamera for a fisheye tray and orings for my pt-015 housing, and filled everything out for the order but i dont remember anything about paying with a credit card. later in the order it said something about sending information on payment but i...
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    Lymph Node Removal and Lymphatic remaining

    My dads boss is considering learning to dive but has a concern. she recently had some lymph nodes removed and is concerned about the possibility of Lymphatic Fluid Build up in the tissues and there effects while diving and potential they may cause. Thanks in advance Tooth
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    Uncle Sam paid now time for some camera gear.

    Well this year uncle sam finally paid back his intrest free loan from last year and now its time to get some gear for my camera now that the water is getting ready to warm up and i have finally healed from may surgery last fall. There are a couple of items on my list that i know i want to get...
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    wheres Skeet

    Has anybody heard from skeet lately because i have been trying to get ahold of him about a couple of questions and i dont seem to hear anything back. Anybody know if hes ok or if something is up? yes i have contacted him via PM but havent gotten a responce Thanks in advance Dan White
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    video editting rig advice

    To all of you videographers i need you help in a reccomendation for a computer for a friend who needs to build a new editting rig for editting a system for a video hes working on. for graphics and picture editting i know what a good rig would need(lots of memory, good cpu, and a very...
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    Anybody bought a lexar 80x CF card recently?

    Has anyone ? I have been asking around all over the net and cant get a answer, so here goes. has anybody bought a lexar 80x Pro CF card recently (like past 30 days or any of the 80x cards)? if you did are these cards usb enabled and do they still come(and work with) with the jumpshot...
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    Email Etiquette, is there any left in this world.

    Email is a great thing in that it makes communication for me much easier, but there are a few things that totally irritated me about people who use email and how rude they can be. Example: I'm in college and active in several groups and was recently asked to be apart of an opening for the...
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    For those of you who were wondering about me

    Some of you may have noticed i havent really been posting alot recently but mainly that has been to do with school and being busy, but also some medical to. Some of you all from the board who i met out at CSSP a while back know that over the summer i had some medical difficulties while...
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    Strobe Question (for both nikonos V and 5050)

    im looking at getting a nikonos V since i still shoot alot of film as well as digital (i have the pt-015, with c5050) but my question is will the modern strobes like DX90 and the Inons work with a nikonos V (even if adaptors is required is not a problem)or will i have to get a dedicated strobe...
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    Hello Guys, Im Back

    From the <deep breath> majestic short castle cliffs in the ice cold crystal clear, unlimited visability and calm collected waters of possum kingdom lake :11: sorry just a little inside joke from working on aqautics staff at the camp, because the cliffs are 60+ feet tall the water, and for...
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    Need shop locations in west (and west of) fort worth

    As some of you all know i will be working again this summer on possum kingdom lake for the scout camp on the waterfront and as the camps diver. but what im needing is a list of shops in the area of PK or as far as west fort worth were i can get air fills(nitrox to 32%, 36%, and 40%) and misc...
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    Film Shooters (B&W shooters specifically) some advice and help

    As some of you might know that im a photography major at the school i go to and this summer i have a good opportunity to test a bunch of films this summer to see what i actually like (i have mainly shooting T-max 400 and 3200 because thats what the school wanted for the first class). this is...
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    Swampers the water is warming up and time to get wet, you got Gear or need it ?

    Swampers im helping a instructor who has stopped teaching sell off there gear and figured i would give you all a heads up since its getting to the start of the dive season link Tooth
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