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    Trim with 3 deco cylinders?

    I don't know if it's any use and I'm certainly not telling anyone what to do, I've done a few dozen of these dives on CCR with 3 80s and I like the following setup. I'm sure someone will come along tell me what I'm doing wrong 2 80's on the left side 1 80 on the left side on a leash I have a...
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    Backscatter Service Department

    Backscatter is the very best!
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    For Sale Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12K (x2)

    Reduced again to $1800 plus shipping
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    Nikon Z7ii & Z6ii Cameras' Focusing Speed for U/W Photography

    I think it will be pretty awesome, but I've also heard the body price is supposed to cost 6K which puts it far out of range for most people.
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    Nikon Z7ii & Z6ii Cameras' Focusing Speed for U/W Photography

    I really have nothing negative to say about it, I've used it pretty extensively at this point and I'm very, very happy with the setup overall. I don't think I've ever found myself wishing the focus was better or missing focus. Below is Z6II w/ Nikkorr 8-15 fisheye lens on the Lusitania @ 290...
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    For Sale Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12K (x2)

    Reducing asking price to $2000 for both lights -- willing to entertain offers as well.
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    How long should a housing hold a vacuum?

    I recently pumped my Nauticam down and it stayed green for 2 and a half days before I opened the housing up.
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    For Sale Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12K (x2)

    I have a couple Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12K lights up for sale. They are beautiful lights, always rinsed and well taken care of, only have a few dozen dives on them. They are used and have a few scratches on the body but the front elements are flawless. I honestly hate to sell them but I...
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    Nikon Z line up

    Yes that's right -- as you know NJ diving typically doesn't have much ambient light at depth. It doesn't overwhelm the video lights at depth and I find they are easier to quickly get feedback from their positioning.
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    Nikon Z line up

    Sure -- will send you links to a few galleries as well. Right now I'm trying push on the photography front -- I've shot a few small video clips but really haven't jumped into that much yet. In the future I'd like to do more with video but I'm already too busy as it is.
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    Nikon Z line up

    Exposure settings lately I've mostly been shooting from ISO 3200 - 10000, I'll start at ISO 6400 and adjust as needed. aperture I start at f/8 ish, I've opened up to f/4.5 or so but the images do get a bit soft for my liking, then shutter I try to keep around 1/40. The focus settings can be a...
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    Nikon Z line up

    No secrets -- just get lucky with amazing water clarity Video quality is pretty good (definitely way better than my old Sony A-series) but I haven't really done much of that underwater or above water -- other projects have pushed aside video. I have actually have the prores raw upgrade and an...
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    Nikon Z line up

    Just wanted to chime in as not a lot of people it seems are shooting with the Z series underwater. I've been using a Z6II this season and am extremely happy with it! Below image is taken off New Jersey in 230 fsw.
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    WtF: The Decline in Scuba Participation

    Wrecks are definitely on the decline but at least where I'm at in the Northeast they are far from being picked over -- artifacts come up every trip. We are still out there finding new wrecks to dive too.
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    Tank Hydro PSA

    I'm guessing you took them to Approved Fire Protection in South Plainfield? I've used them before (roughly two years ago) to hydro PST tanks and was only charged for one hydro per tank. Then I recommended them to a friend earlier this year and he ran into the same nonsense that you did...
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    Uninspected 6-packs: what's the risk?

    Just to add my 2 psi... I believe it's quite difficult for foreign-built boats to obtain a certificate of inspection as it's a very lengthy and cost-prohibitive process. In the northeast we have a lot of boats built in Nova Scotia that for this reason will never graduate from 6-pack status...
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    Stage/deco/BO reg with inline shutoff

    I've been putting inline shut-offs and opvs on all my bailout tanks, simply because in the past I'd occasionally find my 2nd stage getting bumped resulting in either loss of gas(valve on) or flooding my 1st stage (valve-off).
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    Reconsidering Deep Air?

    I would say it depends. I've moved a heavy grapple a couple dozen times in over 60m and once in over 100m. I think the key is too not let yourself become too winded and also diving with a lot of helium helps. A CO2 problem is very serious business indeed, but that doesn't mean that you can't do...
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    Current state of the Union on heated undies?

    Like I said in my post I haven't tried the vest but a lot of guys I dive have them and love them -- it's also much cheaper than the LM heated shirt. So for full disclosure I've been diving with the guy who started bringing Trojan over from the EU for some time -- I don't receive compensation...
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    Current state of the Union on heated undies?

    I've got the LightMonkey heated shirt and it's alright -- on a couple of occasions I've been burnt from it, one resulting in a blister and some scarring. I "mostly flooded" my suit once with it and it appeared pretty useless, I think it just doesn't have the power to heat the water. A lot of the...
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