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  1. pixelpixie

    Putting the wetsuit & BCD in mothballs

    I like your approach...if only I had the $$$
  2. pixelpixie

    Putting the wetsuit & BCD in mothballs

    wow- hadn't thought of that. thank you!
  3. pixelpixie

    This is why we say stay off of the scooters

    Point well taken!
  4. pixelpixie

    This is why we say stay off of the scooters

    That's a great observation. I ride a motorcycle here and considered riding a scooter in Bonaire. The roads really weren't that bad, but I agree, one pothole or a handful of gravel is all it takes. And not just scooters. On the Bonaire trip the boat was pre-loaded with Nitrox. I asked for...
  5. pixelpixie

    What I've learned from the Accidents/Incidents report forum

    Great information! thank you!
  6. pixelpixie

    Which Spring Straps?

    I have the Halcyon straps and while they are very secure, the drawback for me is there is no pull tab so I struggle getting them on and off my boot. I'm curious to see if someone mentions an alternative that stays on and is easy to pull on/off.
  7. pixelpixie

    Reverse Kick

    Some great suggestions! I can't wait to get to the pool to try again!
  8. pixelpixie

    Putting the wetsuit & BCD in mothballs

    No, not really, but with a foot of snow Saturday, I figure diving season is over for me for this year unless I can escape to somewhere warm. So I was wondering what the SOP or your best/tried & true tips are to store gear for several months?
  9. pixelpixie

    Lake Jocassee update

    ah well, so much for my fantasies of going there because it's warmer than NJ!
  10. pixelpixie

    Peak Performance Buoyancy

    Thinking back to my O.W. cert. there was SO MUCH to learn. I paid an instructor to do a pool session with me for PPB. That helped incredibly. You can't expect to do everything the first time absolutely perfect. But controlling your buoyancy is paramount. Personally, I didn't care how...
  11. pixelpixie

    Diving Etiquette from non-photographic divers

    Very frustrating. Nothing worse than a diver being so oblivious they kick you or scuba swimming and knock the reg out of your mouth with their flailing arms, but silting up the bottom is definitely annoying whether you're taking pictures or not.
  12. pixelpixie

    Death comes too early

    TY all. She was a most beautiful, caring, giving person. Bright and with a delicious sense of humor. She loved chocolate and I won't eat another piece of it without blessing her.
  13. pixelpixie

    Malware on ScubaBoard?

    so where do you go to download Avast definitions cause now I'm getting the same darn warning!
  14. pixelpixie

    Preventing mask loss vs a spare

    Oh but they make such really pretty rolls of duct tape now! :rofl3: Just kidding. I really do like your idea of a retainer strap, just glad it's not yet another boltsnap!
  15. pixelpixie

    Something to lighten the mood !

    Awesome! Definitely had me smiling!:dance:
  16. pixelpixie

    Death comes too early

    thank you. I just found out that the shooter was a real estate agent from our own office- this makes less and less sense, but then, trying to make sense of the senseless is nonsensical....or something like that.
  17. pixelpixie

    Additional Pockets for BCD?

    I also added a pocket onto my wetsuit. Works great for me. Now if I can just find places for more D-rings! For the SMB, I've seen someone use a Dive-Right pocket that did attach through the BP (metal) holes. That's on my wish-list.
  18. pixelpixie

    Death comes too early

    She wasn't a diver, but she was my office admin. She sat at the front desk and greeted people. She ran the show behind the scenes, as most admins do. She laughed with us, she confided. Then yesterday, a gunman walked into my real estate office where I'm an agent and shot and killed her...
  19. pixelpixie

    Julie Lynne Cannon Ballard

    We try so hard to make sense out of the senseless. To understand the incomprehensible. My condolences to the family and her friends and I do hope her last minutes with the sea turtle were joyful.
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