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  1. OrcasC205

    "New To Me" Gavin DPV rigging questions

    I had planned on waiting until after I finish Tech 1 to start looking at DPVs, but a friend just gave me his old Gavin DPV when he was cleaning out his garage. It has newer SLA batteries and the original brushed motor and everything appears to work. I took it down to the ship canal today to test...
  2. OrcasC205

    Salvo 35w HID can light with intermittent failures

    I have an old Salvo (now Light Monkey) HID light that has started randomly shutting off. Cycling the power switch has reliably worked to turn it back on, but sometimes it will fail again a minute or two later and other times it stays on for a long period. I'm thinking it is likely the toggle...
  3. OrcasC205

    Tank and Weight Rental in Monterrey

    My wife and I are going to be visiting Monterrey in a few weeks and want to do some shore diving while we are there. I'm trying to find where we can rent HP100s w/ DIN valves and EAN32, and weights most easily. We're bringing our drysuits, so the steel tanks would be much preferred. Any...
  4. OrcasC205

    SOLD!!! G250 Cover (found)

    I'm looking for a replacement cover for an original ScubaPro G250, including the purge button and spring. Let me know if you have one and what price you would like for it.
  5. OrcasC205

    SOLD!!! Closed: Thermo Isolator Crossbar

    I have Thermo left and right modular valves (300 bar DIN variety) and I am looking for an isolator crossbar to create a manifold for back mount doubles.
  6. OrcasC205

    Diver nearly drowns off Redondo Beach in Des Moines, WA

    Diver nearly drowns off Redondo Beach in Des Moines
  7. OrcasC205

    Recommendations for Monterey guided shore dive

    Hi, My wife and I are going to be down in Monterey for a few days in early September. We've got a boat dive scheduled with Sanctuary Charters on Saturday, Sep 7, but we are hoping to do a couple of shore dives in Monterey on Friday the 6th. Having not dived there before, we're prefer a local...
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