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  1. GreggS

    Want to Buy Oceanic Veo 2 or newer puck

    Would like to find a Veo 2 or newer puck to replace the depth gauge in my console to serve as a backup. Would like one in fairly decent condition. I am interested in the puck only. PM if you have one you would part with. Thanks.
  2. GreggS

    For Sale Sea Dreams Women's Wetsuit-NEVER BEEN WET

    Sea Dreams Women's Wetsuit that has never been in the water. Acquired this suit a few years ago and is too small for my wife. Been hanging in the closet since. This wetsuit is .5 mm Eco Friendly blue and black neoprene, is front zip, has piping accents, and is Capri length. Size 6. This is...
  3. GreggS

    Took my newly certified granddaughter diving today.

    My granddaughter has been anxiously awaiting this day for 5 years. She just turned 12 in June and her dad agreed to let her do the OW training. She finished up last week so my wife and I took her for her first dives post-certification. She did great. Had a little trouble equalizing but I think...
  4. GreggS

    Something remarkable in quarry diving

    Mods, if this better suited elsewhere, please move. My wife and I went to one of our local quarries yesterday for our first dive of the season. It is one of three quarries belonging to the NC PDRA (NC Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association) to which we are members and this quarry is the...
  5. GreggS

    Fiji photos and videos-Sept., 2019

    My wife and I were in Fiji at Beqa Lagoon Resort September 22-29. We had a really good time while there and the diving was great. It took all week to convince my wife to do the shark dive, but with the help of some other divers, she finally agreed to go and she is now so glad she did. The...
  6. GreggS

    Fiji (Beqa Lagoon)...Final month countdown begins!

    Leaving on 9/20. Really looking forward to this trip. My wife can hardly contain herself she's so excited about it. We began planning in January and the time has gone quicker than I thought it would. Staying at Beqa Lagoon Resort. Any tips or recommendations anyone might have for us are...
  7. GreggS

    Robert Outlaw

    Robert Outlaw, owner of Blue Stone Dive Resort in Thomasville, NC and Blue Dolphin Dive Shop, Winston-Salem, NC, passed away at home on Monday, May 29, 2017. He lost his more than 2 year battle with cancer. Tribute for Robert Lewis Outlaw | Cumby Family Funeral Service Bob was a heck of a guy...
  8. GreggS

    Hello from new board member

    Hi, all. I have just joined scubaboard and wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. As my user name suggests, my name is Gregg. I am 60 years old, live in the Triad area of North Carolina (High Point/Greensboro/Winston-Salem) and have been a certified diver for a little over 2 years with...
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