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  1. paulwall

    Trip Report There be monsters in Pensacola waters

    Caught this guy in ~100ft of water on the Timberholes site. Estimated 6-7 lbs.
  2. paulwall

    Trip Report Diving 10/11/2021 with Niuhi

    The day dawned a little overcast. The forecast called for 0% precipitation for an offshore trip with a full boat in Pensacola. Air temps were in the upper 70s and a little humid. Arrived at the boat at 7am ready to go offshore. A little bumpy near the pass caused us to take a little longer...
  3. paulwall

    Trip Report 8/21/2021 Trip with Niuhi (Pensacola)

    Niuhi has moved back to their slip at Southwind Marina, which is still undergoing repairs to damage caused by Hurricane Sally last year. Since my 8/23 trip didn't fill up, and was cancelled, I was given an option on a spot on the Saturday 2-tank midshore trip. I left New Orleans at 5:30 in...
  4. paulwall

    Diving Pensacola Aug 23 and Sept 18

    Hey all: I've started up a trip with Niuhi on Aug 23, and Sept 18. So far, I'm the only one signed up for each 3-tank mid-shore trip. These trips are for intermediate/advanced divers. Spearos welcome. Computers mandatory, nitrox recommended. If anyone is interested, check out Niuhi Dive...
  5. paulwall

    Rig Trip 8/09/2014

    got invited to visit a couple of rigs for a fishing/diving excursion on Saturday. Having to be at the dock in Venice at 5am had me up at 3 for a 3:30am departure. On the way down Hwy 23, I could see flashes of lightning on either side of me in the distance. Forecast called for 1 ft or less...
  6. paulwall

    Pensacola Vis/Condtions?

    Hey all, has anybody been out in the Orange Beach/Pensacola area 9 miles or so. Last trip on 7/12 found really snotty conditions from top to bottom and limited vis on the mid-shore sites. I'm expecting about the same for this coming weekend, but would like a recent vis report.
  7. paulwall

    Artificial Reef Installed in Perdido?

    Is it true that off one of the FL state parks in Perdido, there have been installed the Christmas tree structures as found in Navarre and Portofino? If so, which beach, any online article? Thanks ---------- Post added April 29th, 2014 at 09:30 AM ---------- whoops, let me google that for you...
  8. paulwall

    July 27 trip to Lulu and Navy Tug

    Hi all: I have booked with Gary's Gulf Divers for a 2-tank trip to the Lulu and the Navy tug. As of yesterday, there were two spots left. I'm bringing 3 others along. Contact Gary at Gary's Gulf Diver - Home page if you want to join in. Paul
  9. paulwall

    Avocet 5/23/2013 with Niuhi (Video)

    Video of Dive 2 on the Avocet 5/23/2013 snagging lobsters. Barry (MrXRay) shot a large Cobia on this dive (not featured). First Video, shot with a Contour Roam mounted to the mask strap.
  10. paulwall

    Anybody diving Pickens this weekend?

    Tides look favorable: Tides for Pensacola Bay Entrance starting with May 10, 2013. Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible F 10 High 9:43 AM 1.2 5:58 AM Rise 6:23 AM 0...
  11. paulwall

    Whiskey Wreck like you've never seen it, or Get your A$$ to Gulf Shores!

    Drove over to Gulf shores from Perdido Key this afternoon to check out conditions at the Whiskey Wreck since Isaac. Passing over the perdido pass bridge earlier in the day showed clear, calm water near the beach, and the wreck was calling. I splashed a little before 3:30 pm after verifying the...
  12. paulwall

    Trip Report 11/07/2012 Mid-shore with Niuhi...

    Since I couldn't get any buy-in for a 10/6 trip to the Trysler Grounds, I booked one of the last spots on Niuhi's 10/7 midshore trip. The dawn broke chilly-in the low 60's, and a north breeze at 10-15mph kept things interesting all day. Waves near shore to 5 miles out were 1-2, then built to...
  13. paulwall

    Looking for spearfishing/hunting buddies to share trip Oct 6.

    Looking for a group of experienced live-boat divers for a 3-tank trip to the Trysler Grounds Oct 6. Need at least 3 more to make the trip on a 6-pack Cat out of Orange Beach, AL. PM me for details....
  14. paulwall

    August 18 trip to Trysler Grounds

    Got an Invite from Gary to join him on a 3-tank Trysler Grounds hunting/spearfishing trip. This is only my second time out there and, like Gen. MacArthur, I shall return. The Trysler grounds are hard bottom/ledges running NW/SE about 20 miles from the AL/FL state line. Top of the reef was...
  15. paulwall

    Is this Vandenburg Art Exhibit for Real?

    Is this Atlantis?: Photographer creates magnificent underwater world for exhibition that can only be viewed 145 feet under the sea | Mail Online
  16. paulwall

    Diving 7/15 with VIking Diving in Pensacola

    Sorry this post is so late. I had scheduled a weekend of diving with my brother in law and his son, and a co-worker 7/14 and 7/15. 7/14 was supposed to be with Nihui, whom I haven't used before, but have heard good things. Their boat is docked across from H2O Below and about 10mins from my...
  17. paulwall

    REEF OBA First Impressions

    After diving the Whiskey wreck on Sunday, stopped off to get the LP72 filled with air. Lucky thing I wasn't looking for nitrox, because I was told that my tanks needed to be O2 cleaned for a nitrox fill (even with cascade fills). The attendant said he'd never seen 2200+ psi 72's before. Shop...
  18. paulwall

    Whiskey wreck, Gulf Shores, Al 7/1

    I had planned to drag my nephew over at 6am, but caught a late post from Theresa about an 8:15 meet-up. Since I was driving the "Creeper Van" (white cargo van with no windows), I parked across the street to facilitate my departure. Left the nephew behind with a wicked sore throat. Geared up...
  19. paulwall

    Whiskey Wreck June 23?

    Anybody up for the Whiskey Wreck or Ft. Pickens on June 23? It was a little rough this past weekend. I'm hoping the SE winds will have moved the sand bar a bit. I'd like to get there before the Jet Ski Concession sets up their lane over the wreck. Maybe I can push them further East with a...
  20. paulwall

    April 21-28 St. Croix Dive Trip

    Just got back from St Croix. 7 days, 10 dives of about an hour each. No pics, sorry. Stayed at Carambola Bay Renaissance and dived with Sweet Bottom Dive Center ( on site. Great shop, very safe and courteous. St Croix has a zero-tolerance lionfish policy...
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