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  1. scuba2you

    Richelieu Rock Today

    On the positive side, four world class dives today, 30+ years of diving and these were right up at the top. Visibility was medium at about 20+m but the the quantity and quality of the life was off the charts. Lots of current and surge made for epic diving. Downside, same old issue, 12 boats...
  2. scuba2you

    Liability Waivers

    I'm wondering how the community feels in regard to more and more onerous Liability Waivers. Before I demonstrate my case, let me say that I completely support liability waivers, every owner/operator/company has a right to protect themselves from Joe Diver and the herd of lawyers looking for a...
  3. scuba2you

    Thailand Aggressor

    Would anyone happen to have the contact details (that work) for the Thailand Aggressor? I called the Aggressor Fleet and received the owners e-mail which gets an error message, tried Elegance Travel and no one answers the phone. I understand they are running trips for locals but I can not find...
  4. scuba2you

    Regulator Failed at depth

    This is a personal Incident that happened to me two years ago, I wasn't an active board member at the time so here's my belated summary. Old lesson learned even after 30 years diving...... This incident took place on a live aboard in Raja Ampat. My regs were completely overhauled 90 days...
  5. scuba2you

    Help with Cozumel

    Hello all This is my first ever post, so here goes.... I would like to herar some recommendations on diving Cozumel in July. My priorities would be as follows: 1) Small boat... the smaller and more personel the better, even if it costs more. 2) Really nice hotel, I have a non diver...
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