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    passed the big 50

    The OP was pretty clear: "2021 was my 50th year as a certified diver. " Not sure what isn't clear about that statement
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    Where to Look for Ocean Temperature and Conditions?

    I find MSW to be very accurate and helpful. Their water temp reports usually correspond with my computer and their wave/swell forecasts are very accurate as well. Of course the water temp will change as you descend and of course sometimes you'll run into thermoclines, but that's to be expected.
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    Key Largo Scuba Video

    Excellent video and great job editing.
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    Nitrox shortage????

    It might have to do that here in "south florida" we've had a lot of COVID-19 hospitializations and ICU admissions this summer (more than last summer) so there's a high medical demand for oxygen. It's better that the O2 goes to medical uses rather than recreational.
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    Nitrox shortage????

    I picked up my tanks yesterday filled with 32% nitrox. I was informed that this might the last nitrox fill for a while. There seems to be an oxygen shortage probably related to COVID-19. The fill station's oxygen supplier told them not to expect any oxygen deliveries for a while. Any other...
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    Dive Boat Sinks in Pompano Beach

    I dove with SFDH several years ago before their first accident - that was my first and last trip with them.
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    Shearwater Reliability

    I have 80 dives on my perdix which is 2 years old and absolutely no problems. I think it's the best of the three computers I've owned.
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    Diver Dead in South Florida

    From what the posts have said so far, the boat was backing towards her - nothing about she was swimming towards the boat.
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    Favorite pic(s) from most recent dive--post 'em up here!

    Last week - Fort Lauderdale reef
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    Where should I live in Florida

    This is the best post in this thread so far. Good facts, no attitude. The poster knows what they're talking about
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    What's the sign for "that's cool - thanks"

    When diving, someone usually points out something that I hadn't seen that's really cool. I want a sign to say "I see it and it's really cool - thanks." I've tried giving a thumbs up, but got roundly criticized by my son since it's the signal to ascend. I've tried clapping my hands together...
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    The rules for going into Mexico with prescription drugs say that you can only bring in an amount equal to the number of days you'll be in Mexico and that the medications must be in their original prescription bottle. And, yes, it is illegal to bring pseudoephedrine (sudafed) into Mexico...
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    Cozumel diving today

    The two times I've been to Cozumel, we stayed at the Iberostar towards the south. They sprayed at night for mosquitoes a couple of times each week and that kept them under control. I'm not a fan of spraying 'cause I worry a little about what it does to us, then too mosquitoes carry a few...
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    Cozumel COVID-19 updates

    Actually according to the CDC hep B surface antibodies do indicate immunity to hepatitis B: "Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs): The presence of anti-HBs is generally interpreted as indicating recovery and immunity from hepatitis B virus infection. Anti-HBs also develops in a person who has...
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    Resort in Cancun but want to dive. Pay for Cancun or shlep our stuff to Cozumel?

    The OP's profile says 0-24 dives. I'm not sure if cenotes are a good place for a relatively inexperienced diver. Don't most of the cenote dives include enclosed, cave like portions?
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    Presecription mask lenses ?

    I first tried a mask with a prescription lens bonded to the inside of the mask. If was pretty bulky and a little heavy. I switched several years ago to the Seavision mask with a custom ground prescription which is has been working great for the past 5 years or so. Their bifocal part of the...
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    Captain overboard

    Yes, that's what the local news reports said. A couple of waves knocked him broadside, then a larger one knocked him off. It's kind of amazing that a photographer got a picture of the Captain in midair.
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    Captain overboard

    Scuba boat captain thrown overboard going through Boynton Beach inlet in Florida:
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    Current Water Temperature

    Just got back from diving with Dressel and my computer said 85 - 86 degrees consistently.
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