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  1. DeltaWardog

    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Hi everyone. I made it back to Cozumel yesterday after a 6 year absence. It is good to be back! Arrival at the airport was the same as it ever was. I flew Southwest from Denver through Houston, and both planes were only about 2/3 full. Upon arrival they deplaned from front and back. I...
  2. DeltaWardog

    Secrets pier charge increased

    For anyone staying at Residencias Reef or Secrets Aura - I just found out yesterday that Secrets has recently raised the fee for use of their pier to $5 per day. Beach pickup just south near Carlos & Charlie's is my dive op's alternative.
  3. DeltaWardog

    Alternative to pseudoephedrine?

    Can anyone recommend a good alternative to pseudoephedrine for help with keeping eustachian tubes cleared up during a dive trip? Sudafed has long been in my dive kit but I recently learned it is illegal in Mexico (where I dive most trips) and people have been jailed for bringing it on...
  4. DeltaWardog

    Tell me your favorite restaurants!

    I'm heading back to Cozumel soon for the first time in 6 years. I've learned from a few threads over the past couple months that some of my favorite restaurants are no more. So I need some new recommendations! I have Kooben Laab and Sazon de Camaron on my list to check out, thanks to some of...
  5. DeltaWardog

    September Roll Call

    We shot right past September into October Roll Call a few days ago, so I guess not many people are going next month, but I am! So I'll kick it off: DeltaWardog - Sep 25 - Oct 10, Residencias Reef condo, diving with ScubaTony
  6. DeltaWardog

    What to do if you test positive before flying home?

    I'm developing contingency plans for the homefront (pets, work, etc) in case I can't come home on time after my upcoming trip due to a positive test (despite being vaccinated). I would love to hear people's thoughts on what to do and not do on the island if, even while vaccinated, you end up...
  7. DeltaWardog

    Any way to help Cozumel with vaccinations?

    Is there anything I can do, as a visitor, to help Cozumel residents get vaccinations faster, or get people vaccinated who otherwise could not? I know nothing about the process in Mexico. Do Mexicans have to pay for vaccinations? Can I donate somewhere reputable that would help? Is there...
  8. DeltaWardog

    East side beaches overrun

    Looks like the east side is still getting drowned in sargassum. Anybody been over there in the last few days? Seems like a really bad situation since they don't really have anywhere to put the stuff once it's washed up.
  9. DeltaWardog

    What happened to the Aqualung Kronos?

    I have a Kronos for my primary, bought way back in 2008, and I really like it. I was thinking today about looking around for another one to upgrade my octo, and found that they pretty much don't exist anymore except for the occasional classified. As far as I can tell they haven't been sold for...
  10. DeltaWardog

    Can I move things around on my 1st stage or will I die?

    I have what may be a stupid question with an obvious answer, but it won't be my last and my ego fades more and more every year so here goes. Is it ok to change where stuff is plugged into my 1st stage myself, if I am an untrained monkey but know how to use a wrench on things that aren't life...
  11. DeltaWardog

    What's the latest on Fonatur parking?

    Since I've never seen it, other than under construction, I was thinking about driving over to the new marina for my first day of diving on my next trip. Ya know, just to take a gander at it, and take my time getting set up on the boat. But then I came across the threads about the parking...
  12. DeltaWardog

    If you knew then what you know now... (Carnaval)

    The wife and I are going to be attending our first Carnaval this year, on our 5th trip to Cozumel! I'm curious, and this is to all you Carnaval veterans out there, is there anything you wish you had known that would have made it more fun the first time around? Anything you missed that you...
  13. DeltaWardog

    Point me in the right direction?

    Hi all! I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to.... well I dunno. :D Somewhere we haven't been before. The wife and I have been divers for about 7 years now, and are around 70-80 dives. Our son will most likely be joining us and he's currently around 25 dives I think. We've been...
  14. DeltaWardog

    How sick before trip insurance kicks in?

    Just how sick do you have to be before you can make a claim on trip cancellation insurance? What do they consider "reasonable"? Throwing up, fever? I feel like I'm coming down with something really nasty and am supposed to get on a plane in less than 24 hours. I'm worried about traveling...
  15. DeltaWardog

    Deploying your own SMB?

    I like to pick a new skill to learn on each dive trip. On my upcoming trip (leaving Thursday, w00t!) I'm thinking proper deployment of an SMB is a good one to practice, as I have only done it once before and not from any depth. So, re: deploying your own SMB - is this allowed? Or do the ops...
  16. DeltaWardog

    Battery and service questions

    I read the article about the Nautilus Lifeline in Alert Diver. I'm very interested in purchasing a couple of these before my wife and I go on our first live-aboard trip, hopefully later this year. It sounds like you've come up with a great lifesaving device. I'm eagerly awaiting the...
  17. DeltaWardog

    Lionfish Nachos

    I must find a place on the island that is serving these! Recipe for Lionfish Nachos
  18. DeltaWardog

    BPW rental in Coz?

    I'm interested in trying out a backplate & wing setup for a dive or two during my trip to Coz this month, just to see if I like it over BCD's. Anyone know if any shops on the island rent those?
  19. DeltaWardog

    Looking for cenote recommendation for beginner

    Hi all. I'm getting ready to go to Coz for the 4th time and I want to try something new this time, something I've heard amazing things about for years. I want to do a cenote dive. I'm a pretty good amateur diver with 50+ dives under my belt, and I have great buoyancy control. I have no cave...
  20. DeltaWardog

    Good ENT in Denver-metro?

    Anybody know a good ENT doctor in the metro area that knows about ear problems related to scuba? I have perforations in both my ears next to the eardrum which always lets water in behind my eardrum when I dive. I want to see if that can be fixed surgically. I've already been to one ENT and he...
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