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  1. scubaflier

    new com system

    sculs in case.wmv - YouTube check this out
  2. scubaflier

    could the instructors for HSA use something like this

    This is something I have been working on for a couple of years and I use it for my scuba classes just wanted some input Thanks.YouTube - Sculs
  3. scubaflier

    Dive Instructors underwater communication device

    I dont know if this link will work http://
  4. scubaflier

    Save the Mermaids

    With all this talk about save the whales the dolphins and now this big #$$5 oil flow (not a spill anymore) in the Gulf is anyone concerned about what will hapen to the Mermaids? I know they are real and you do too!
  5. scubaflier

    Question ?

    I have been a Dive Instructor for 9 yrs. I have taught hand signal in every class even above what were required to help the students while diving and to help them to develope their skill and to infulence them to come up with some on their own. How ever I started working with the Weeki Wachee...
  6. scubaflier

    Stop the Sea Shepherd

    Paul Watson is endangering the human race. he is making a very good living off the emotions of his followers and getting some good ratings for his show I will admit its very entertaining but it causes more harm than good If this persists the ocean will be all protected and we will only be...
  7. scubaflier

    healthy dive

    does anyone see the health benifits to diving besides me?
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