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  1. BigDaddyGlad

    Belize City by cruiseship, any shop recommendations?

    I've got a cruise coming up in mid-November, with a scheduled stop in Belize City. I had booked a two-tank excursion through the cruiseline (being a tender port, I was sensitive to the potential timing issues), but that excursion just got cancelled today. There don't seem to be any shops in...
  2. BigDaddyGlad

    broken link to forum from home page

    Just thought I'd letcha know... when you click the Community tab from the homepage, it returns a 404 error. It should link direct to the boards (at least, I think it *used* to...).
  3. BigDaddyGlad

    Xdeep shipping -- anyone with insight?

    I ordered an Xdeep Zen from my LDS two months ago today. It still hasn't arrived. I understand supply chain challenges are an issue globally; I work in the computer business, and we have been at less than 50% of our forecasts for most of the year. But two months? That seems a bit long to me...
  4. BigDaddyGlad

    Cruising into Cozumel and Costa Maya

    Hola! I'm thrilled to be posting back here! I was last in the water in Cozumel (stayed at Iberostar, dove with Dressel) in February 2020 just before the world went to hell. Today, I booked a cruise for November, stopping in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Grand Cayman and Belize. I'll definitely be diving...
  5. BigDaddyGlad

    First time to Cozumel -- how much is too much?

    First post here on this great community... I got certified OWD in June and recently back from a cruise to ABC islands where I dove in Aruba and Bonaire and got bit bad by the fever. I'm already planning a trip with my buddy to Cozumel at the end of February. We're staying at the Iberostar...
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