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  1. bergersau

    Is training needed for an OW diver to switch to necklaced secondary and primary donate?

    I didn't vote. I think any of the options 1,2,4 or 5 could work depending on the diver concerned. Some people learn differently to others and some simply need more personal training. I think you could come unstuck with option 3 'any instructor' however, as a 'zero to hero' instructor who has...
  2. bergersau

    Averting a Do or Die Potential One-Way Scenario. . .

    My last dive went that way - watching expensive gear sink. Lost a dive computer overboard in 15-20m whilst gearing up, the elastic wrist strap was insufficiently tight as I was shrugging shoulders to settle backplate into place. Expletives followed it overboard.. My fins were still tucked into...
  3. bergersau

    Advice to buy a diving computer for a beginner

    I built the Serial RS232 version of the Roli PC interface cable some 15 years ago and it worked a treat until my Suunto Mosquito finally expired. I simply used a serial to USB adaptor with it when my PC's all lost their old RS232 ports. The OEM cables were over AU$100 back then.
  4. bergersau

    Diver Fatality at Blairgowrie Pier Australia

    Always sad to hear this type of news. I found an unconfirmed report of this death on another forum, stating that this was a night, solo dive by a rebreather diver (Type Unknown). Whilst oly hearsay, the source of that report was a well known local Dive Shop operator. No other details available.
  5. bergersau

    dumb question (yeah, I know).... but do I need to bring a beach towel??

    For travel, I think microfiber towels are the best option. I like to 'Ranger roll' towels to pack them in minimal space. Howto here --> A good sized microfiber towel will only take about the same space as a bottle of wine when rolled this way.
  6. bergersau

    Cold Water Suit Options?

    @Bierstadt I suggest you watch the 2nd hand listings like a hawk and pounce quickly when the right suit comes up. It helps to know your physical dimensions and check the manufacturers size guides for any suit you are interested in. After a couple of months vigilant search I was able to pick...
  7. bergersau

    Custom Slate. What would you put on it?

    I'd add a list of no stop times based on your prefered tables for depths to 40m.
  8. bergersau

    Info Scuba Cylinder Valve Installation

    The post and ratchet strap worked very well, thanks. The valve was too tight for the leg grip trick to work. It was only a little Catalina S19 that I use as my pony. The cylinder diameter is to small to grip without a secure way to clamp it in place.
  9. bergersau

    Info Scuba Cylinder Valve Installation

    Thanks Akimbo. Your timing with this thread is perfect - I need to change out my first tank valve this evening. There's nothing very tricky involved but the ratchet strap on the fence post tip is really going to make my life simple.
  10. bergersau

    Retrieving an injured or unconcious diver into a boat

    I was referring to small powerboats in particular.
  11. bergersau

    Retrieving an injured or unconcious diver into a boat

    @Schwob The 'parbuckling' method with the net looks great for RIB style boats. I don't think it would be as affective from the fiberglass boats common here.
  12. bergersau

    Retrieving an injured or unconcious diver into a boat

    How many of you have actually practiced the retrieval of a casualty into a boat? For those that have - Have you any tips to offer? It's something my club was practicing over the weekend and surprisingly difficult if your 'casualty' is around the 90kg (200lb) mark as a number of our guys are...
  13. bergersau

    Running guideline in sand

    Bluescrews would be my choice.
  14. bergersau

    Exploding SPG gauge faces?

    I had a SPG blow right off the end of the Hp hose last year. The swage just near the spool let go just after cracking the valve open and the entire 2" brass SPG was fired off the hose into the deck of the boat. Hose was only a year old at the time too. I was very glad the hose was pointed down...
  15. bergersau

    Better alternative to 3cf spare air?

    If you go with this design make sure you check the swivel screw is secure every dive as part of your standard pre-dive checks. I know several people with h2odyssey style 6cf cylinders (Unsure if same brand). One had his reg swivel fall apart under water losing the second stage completely...
  16. bergersau

    OOA at 60 feet

    pwnbred It's easy for everyone to be armchair critics when you put yourself up in public like this. You've made a few mistakes and had a learning experience. You also got enough right that both you and your buddy are still here to analyze what happened and learn from your (mis)adventure...
  17. bergersau

    traveling with wet suits

    Towel off the wetsuit thoroughly before laying out or hanging to dry.
  18. bergersau

    Hp steel 120 din to yoke question

    No that valve looks like a 300 bar to me. The fact that someone has nitrox cleaned the tank and added an O2 clean sticker doesn't change the valve.
  19. bergersau

    Hp steel 120 din to yoke question

    That looks the same as a 300 bar valve on one of my tanks. Looks like a 7 thread (300Bar) DIN from here. That valve cannot be converted to yolk. You'll need to either convert your regs to DIN or replace the entire valve with a Yolk compatible valve.
  20. bergersau

    What Kind of Insta-buddy Experience Do You Prefer

    Option 2 or 6 If I have a buddy - I don't want them to disappear mid dive, lost buddy procedure to be discussed pre-dive . Though depending on conditions I don't mind a little more distance up to 5m or so if things are benign and vis is good. That is variable, dependent on gas redundancy...
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