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  1. Snoweman

    Found: Galileo Luna

    Someone on FB found a Luna computer. Here's the link.
  2. Snoweman

    St. Croix dive op

    I'm looking to go to St. Croix in October. I haven't chosen a place to stay, yet. I did notice that a couple of dive ops include rental gear in their price. I only need tanks and weights. I prefer mainly boat dives, but want to do a couple of dives (at least) at the pier. What shop is the best...
  3. Snoweman

    Tropical Storm Grace

    What's the word about Grace doing an upcoming flyby?
  4. Snoweman

    Found items in Cozumel

    Lots of people have been losing things on the reef. I thought a thread to help people with the "found" items might be useful. Here's the first found item for the thread. Screenshot from facebook.
  5. Snoweman

    Is this normal??

    I was looking at to see where different cruise ships were located. Most were hanging out at ports. This one, Carnival's new flagship, is listed as "adrift". Is that because there are no decent anchorage places on the west coast?
  6. Snoweman

    Port closure by month update

    Is anyone willing to update Christie's post about port closure by month (closed thread)? I think it's a very helpful table, but it's almost three years old.
  7. Snoweman

    I so want this job!!!

    Double posted by accident. Sorry.
  8. Snoweman

    I so want this job!!!

    I just don't know how to make it pay, other than with YouTube.
  9. Snoweman

    Hurricane Eta

    By's forecast, Eta looks like it will become a monster by the middle of next week. The wind speed forecast shown on the screenshot is for "gusts". But, still...
  10. Snoweman

    Any chance of fraud or other crime

    I just got an IRS letter addressed to our house. The name on the letter does not live at our address. I googled the name, and a man with the exact same name (first, middle, last) robbed a Zaxby's restaurant back in 2011 in the next county. He was released in 2016. I don't see any more crimes...
  11. Snoweman

    Norte heading to Coz.

    Watching and it looks like a norte is about to blow in.
  12. Snoweman

    Snorkeler attacked in FL Keys

    30-year-old Atlanta man attacked by shark while snorkeling in Florida Keys Article says he was attacked as soon as he jumped in the water. He's from the Atlanta area. If he's anything like my redneck neighbor's, I bet it was a "Hold my beer and watch this!" moment.
  13. Snoweman

    Best weather website?

    I used to love using, until it was bought by Wunderground. Wunderground basically dismantled Intellicast. I now primarily use I like it, but it's not good for showing hurricane information or maps or weather fronts. What is your favorite weather website?
  14. Snoweman

    Just pulled up a bunch of plastic edging

    I just pulled up about 100 feet of heavy duty plastic edging at my house. Now I'm trying to find the best way to cut it up to get it into my trash bin. Suggestions?
  15. Snoweman

    Caribbean Travel Update

    About the best information I have found about COVID travel restrictions for the Islands. Dreaming of Heading to the Caribbean? Here's Every Island's Plan for Reopening (Video)
  16. Snoweman

    If Timex is going to release a diver inspired watch...

    It should probably be water resistant to greater than 50 meters. I like the look, but wouldn't buy it just because of the depth rating.
  17. Snoweman


    Is lorazepam OTC in Mexico?
  18. Snoweman

    Blue dragons washing up on Padre

    Is something that just happens every now and again? Or, does it portend to a bigger problem? Blue dragons are washing up on the Padre Island National Seashore - CNN
  19. Snoweman

    This blows my mind

    I took this screenshot about five minutes ago. The plane is not empty, but they must be having enough cancellations to be keeping the price low a week out. Main cabin is below the cost of basic economy. I might even have a chance of being bumped to first class.
  20. Snoweman

    Decent price on Delta from Atlanta

    ATL to BON is $660 round trip. Dates are 2/22 to 2/29. Price is for Basic Economy.
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