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  1. warmwaterturner

    St. John - operator recommendations

    Experienced diver and wife are looking for operator recommendations for St. John. We will be traveling there from 7/16 through 7/22. This will be our first trip to St. John and we will be staying in the area of Chocolate Bay. Looking to do a 6 or 8 tank package and any site suggestions would be...
  2. warmwaterturner

    Diving Accident - Houston, Texas 9/12/2012

    Two Divers involved in commercial training accident just being reported in Houston.
  3. warmwaterturner

    Six Divers Trapped on Sea Bottom

    Not sure where to post this. Just saw the report on Fox - Six Divers Trapped On Sea Bottom After Ship Sinks Off Iranian Coast | Fox News
  4. warmwaterturner

    New Flights into Cozumel with US Airways

    Just saw this at Cozumel4U online............. New Flights into Cozumel with US Airways Starting in October, US Airways will start a new flight directly into Cozumel from Charlotte, North Carolina. During the January high season, the air carrier expects to augment the arrivals to five per...
  5. warmwaterturner

    First time for Maui - shore diving

    Ok, been doing all the research. Read the FAQ's and stickies....looking at all the recommended shops. What sticks out is that shore diving seems abundant - we are experienced divers and used to boat diving at Cozumel and Roatan. We want to do Molokini (backwall) and the Cathedrals - charter...
  6. warmwaterturner

    Continentail Airlines "Dive bag policy" change??????

    Last week we got into a big argument with the Cancun Airport Continentail Airlines counter rep about the dive bag policy. According to him, there is no free sports bag as in the past. According to him - our dive bag was our one allowable bag. The bag with our clothes was to be an extra charge if...
  7. warmwaterturner

    Cozumel Turtles

    FYI - Article from Cozumel 4U - :thumb: First Turtle Nests of the Season Already Discovered The first two turtle nests of the year have already been registered, reported Héctor González Cortez, the new Director of Ecology & Environment. Turtle Nesting Season in Cozumel takes place between...
  8. warmwaterturner

    Ferry service from Tampa - Cuba - Coz?

    Interesting article about ferry service from Tampa to the Yucatan. Tampa hopes for ferry service to Yucatan, Cuba - St. Petersburg Times
  9. warmwaterturner

    Will Lionfish tacos be on the menu?

    It appears that a new food industry is taking hold in Cozumel. This is an article from Cozumel 4 You [] Lionfish: Selling at $100 pesos a Kilo After little more than two years of its first sighting in Cozumel’s coasts, the lionfish has become a viable source of income for...
  10. warmwaterturner

    Do Commercial Divers need OW cert?

    Please help settle a certification question. My son recently completed a commercial diver academy. He has all sorts of weilding and underwater worker certifications but did not get any sort of Open Water (PADI, NAUI, SSI etc.) certification. I assume that as a diver he would need it but others...
  11. warmwaterturner

    New tier of courses for SSI?

    Did I miss something or has SSI added a new tier of certifications? I dont recall seeing the Dive Guide and the Dive Master certification in the past. Is this new? If so why? I was always told that the Dive Con. certification was the equivalent of Dive Master (for PADI as an example). So does...
  12. warmwaterturner

    Balmorhea or Aquarena Springs in November

    Need some feed back. The wife (divebuddy) and I want to do a road trip in November. We want to go to Balmorhea or Aquarena Springs. Neither of us have done the Scientific diver class required for Aquarena - and I am not sure she would be willing to go to class for two days. Question is as both...
  13. warmwaterturner

    Dive Academy International Graduates

    My son is interested in attending a commercial diving academy in Florida. The program run about $25,000.00 for the training. My question is job placement and the market after graduation. For those who have done the training - is it worth it? Did you find employment as a result of the training...
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