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  1. wershwie

    Sunfish in Anilao!

    A 3-meter sunfish was found in the shallows in front of Mayumi Resort on Friday, June 11. In this short camphone video taken from the topside by the resort's staff, you'll see the size reference of the fish versus the 2 adult men helping it out in the water. The volunteers helped clean off its...
  2. wershwie

    Hammerhead in Anilao!

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share the fact that we actually saw a HAMMERHEAD in KOALA yesterday afternoon! WUHOO!!! Egad... I thought it was just a crazy, GIANT black tip until my friends started to make the hammerhead signal. My dive buddy got to record a quick video of it, but since...
  3. wershwie

    Ben DOR part 2 - Dec29

    Ben needs another Anilao fix ;) So we're heading out to Mayumi Resort tomorrow! Anyone up for another DOR? Ben's bringing a van and aside from the driver, there's just 3 of us in there so far, so we can still take on passengers. We'll meet up in Alabang by 5am. Exact place will be...
  4. wershwie

    1st time in Cali, September '09

    Hi all! I'm flying to California for the 1st time in September, and I'm definitely gonna hit Monterey for some diving :D I was hoping I could get tips from you guys. The coldest I've gone diving is at 77F, and it's usually the initial entry into the water that gets me cold. Otherwise...
  5. wershwie

    Wrecks in Puerto Galera

    Hi all! Just thought I'd share some photos from our Halloween trip to Puerto Galera :) Check them out HERE :) Cheers!
  6. wershwie

    Just got certified :)

    Eya, all! I've always been interested in diving, but just got my open water certification last Sunday. :D Looking forward to seeing more of the underwater world! Would be fun to meet some of you guys someday. Holler when you're in the Philippines! Leslie
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