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  1. KeesBL

    For Sale FS Nauticam Dome, Extension Rings, Sony 12-24mm F4, and accessories (full A7III/A7RIII WA port/lens setup)

    Hello, I'm selling a Sony 12-24mm F4 G lens and the ports/dome required to use this lens with a Nauticam NA-A7RIII housing. This is an outstanding rectilinear lens both underwater and at the surface in a reasonably sized package. I'd prefer to everything together, but I'm willing to part out...
  2. KeesBL

    For Sale Light & Motion - Sola Pro Video 15000 Video Light x4

    Four 15,000 lumen Light & Motion Sola Video Pro underwater lights for sale. All the lights are used, but have been recently serviced by Light & Motion and have not been dove since. The front elements have been upgraded to the latest version. Asking $975 each. Edit: one light remaining
  3. KeesBL

    For Sale Golem Gear Shrimp BOV for JJCCR + HUD Holder

    Selling a Golem Gear shrimp BOV for the JJCCR. The BOV is in excellent condition and I dove it without issue for about a year. As with all dive gear, especially rebreather-related, I'd recommend you get the item professionally serviced prior to use. Retail is $880 (BOV) + $89 (HUD holder) =...
  4. KeesBL

    For Sale Inon z240s + Sea & Sea Double Sync Cable (Nikonos-style)

    Selling two used Inon z240s (Type 4). Both strobes come with mounting balls and diffusers. Asking $425 per strobe. Also selling a Sea & Sea Double Sync Cable. Asking $125. Additional images available here: Imgur Happy to ship anywhere in the US at buyer's expense.
  5. KeesBL

    For Sale Two (2) Big Blue 15000 Lumen VL15000PPM Lights

    SOLD Two well cared-for lights for sale. One is brand new, the other has fewer than 10 dives. Handles, ball mounts, chargers, and batteries are included. The 15,000 lumen Big Blue lights are rated with a large lithium ion rechargable battery pack, up to 8 hours of burn time (2 hours on their...
  6. KeesBL

    For Sale: Halcyon HDVexp AKA Suex XK1

    I'm selling my Halcyon HDVexp, which many of you may also recognize as a Suex's flagship scooter, the XK1... but with every available option. Although no longer sold by Halcyon, the scooter is still supported by Suex dealers around the country and around the world. This is a bombproof scooter...
  7. KeesBL

    For Sale Santi BZ400 Undergarment | ~Large Tall

    The BZ400 is the gold standard for warm undergarments for cold water scuba diving. It's made with 400g thinsulate, but because of the excellent design, it does not restrict mobility. This is perfect to keep you warm during year-round diving, and will even retain heat when wet. This suit is used...
  8. KeesBL

    Want to Buy 2x Inon z240 strobes

    Looking to buy two Inon z240 strobes, type 4 preferred. PM me or post here if you have some available. Thanks!
  9. KeesBL

    For Sale ScubaPro Mk25 and G250s

    1x ScubaPro Mk25s 2x ScubaPro G250 The mk25/G250 is a gold standard set of regulators for a reason. They breathe great, and last forever. This regulator set would make an excellent single tank setup! Asking $150 per stage or buy all three for $400! All regulators are in good mechanical...
  10. KeesBL

    Closed: Halcyon Focus LED light (adjustable-focus) - $700

    Approximately 5 hours run-time with included 5.2 amp-hour battery pack adjustable-focus beam (from wide beam for flood lighting to narrow beam for signalling) fully adjustable handle 39,000 lux at 1 meter weight is only 1.4 Kg / 3 lbs Robust latchless design and LED lighting element is ideal for...
  11. KeesBL

    Well Equipped DUI CF200 (Large Tall) Drysuit

    Hello divers! I'm selling my backup suit, a DUI CF200, to fund some extensive diving this winter. This suit has essentially every option available - two large DUI pockets, Zipseals on the neck and wrists, cloverleaf crotchpad, CF200 kneepads, turbosoles with reinforced heels, and a Halcyon...
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