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  1. midwestdvr

    Cozumel Trip Report 1/28-2/4

    It took me almost four years before making my second trip to Cozumel. Boy, why did I wait so long. I stayed at Meson San Miguel as I was traveling solo. Rooms were simple and clean but suited me fine. As it was right at the square and the first several days of my trip coincided with carnaval, it...
  2. midwestdvr

    Chichen Itza from Coz

    I was just wondering which one is better. Book a Chichen Itza tour from here in the US or do it when I get to Cozumel? I was thinking a driving there myself but I've heard that it's a long drive and I don't really feel comfortable driving in the dark in a place I'm not familiar with. Thanks for...
  3. midwestdvr

    Finally going back after almost 4 years

    Reading some of the most recent posts here kinda made me realize that I haven't been back to Coz for almost 4 years. So, used some miles to fly to Cancun. Now, is it too much to ask for some tips on getting from Cancun to Coz? Never done that route before. Anyone else going to be there on...
  4. midwestdvr

    GBR in May?

    The family is thinking of taking a trip to visit relatives in Sydney this coming May (about 70% sure but something may come up). So, I just couldn't visit Australia without diving the GBR. I'll probably have 5 days to do diving (maybe a week at most if I can get away from the relatives). What...
  5. midwestdvr

    Happy Birthday Spoon!!!

    Didn't see any thread here so here goes.... Happy Birthday, El Kapitan! :hb2: :hb2: :hb2:
  6. midwestdvr

    Airline Choice

    Just wondering. If you have a choice would you fly china airlines, cathay, or Korean Air? Never flew on either one. These are the cheapest from SFO.
  7. midwestdvr

    Photo developing dillema

    Need help. This is for a topside photo problem I have (but could easily apply to UW photo). I wanted to have this photo developed into an 8x10 size.... This is an uncropped image from a d70s. My problem is that I couldn't get the whole image if I wanted it developed. If I wanted the moon...
  8. midwestdvr


    Anyone here ever been to Batanes? Been seeing some pictures of the place and might be an interesting place to visit. How does one get there? Thanks.
  9. midwestdvr

    ? for the HK based PPDers

    Just browsing through the cebu pacific air website and saw that airfare from MNL to HK is only 40$ one way. Wow! Now, I'm interested in making a side trip to HK. I've always wanted to go there, maybe for a week. When is chinese new year and is it feasible to go to HK at that time? Expensive? Is...
  10. midwestdvr

    Iris in Manila Bay

    Just being a pasaway but was browsing the web and found this photo of iris working :D Iris at work
  11. midwestdvr


    Not a tech/cave diver or anything but just now watching Discovery HD channel and cave diving in wakulla spring. I say WOW. Simply awesome. Kudos to you cave divers.
  12. midwestdvr

    quick PS question

    New to PS but was wondering, is there any way I can see the exif info of my pics? I use a nikon d70s and shoot in raw. Thanks for any info. midwestdvr
  13. midwestdvr

    need strobe help

    I'm thinking of housing my d-70s in the future once I get the hang of it topside. I am thinking of getting the ike housing for it. Now for my questions. I currently have a d-2000. 1. Is there any way that I may be able to use it with the d70s? If I get a d-2000w, can I use the d-2000 as a...
  14. midwestdvr

    Wohooo! Got my nitrox cert.

    Finally! I got my nitrox cert. Wasn't that hard really and I don't know why I waited so long. Now, I can't wait to dive on a PO2 of 1.9 at 165 feet :D just kidding. I'll keep it at 1.4
  15. midwestdvr

    Pre-Easter Monterey Dive

    Went for a pre-Easter dive in Monterey with Ben_ca today. This was only my second dive trip to Monterey and was looking forward to it as I was testing out a long hose set-up. Arrived about 0800 at the Breakwater in Monterey and was surprised to find a lot of empty parking spots. The water was...
  16. midwestdvr

    Bezel for sk7

    Just recently moved (again) and was going to hook up my sk7 to a dss boot but can't find the bezel. Don't know what I did and I've turned my apt upside down and still can't find it. Went to a dive shop today but their comp was down so can't find out whether I can order just the bezel. Anyone...
  17. midwestdvr

    March PI Trip

    Some pics from my recent trip to the PI. Didn't take too many pics and wasn't too happy with how they came out. My buoyancy/trim during this trip was so bad that I didn't take the cam underwater until I figured out what was wrong.
  18. midwestdvr

    Thanks, y'all

    Back in the US and miss the PI already. It's cooooold here and there's snow on the ground when I got to minneapolis. Thanks for the shirts and the rhum (I promise I'll put to good use :D ). It was great to finally meet the PPDers (local and foreign) and can't wait to come back in December.
  19. midwestdvr

    What can I do better next time

    Need some tips. Took this pic on a divesite called the canyons on my home province in the PI. Condition was sunny and viz was about 50+ feet. Cam setting was f 5.6 and 1/60. No flash. This one is also from the same dive site. f 3.2 and 1/60. No flash. I appreciate any tips as I'd...
  20. midwestdvr

    Pic out of focus with WAL

    I need help. I've been practicing using the WAL with the Ikelite housing for the a620. I don't have a picture right now but will hope to have one posted soon. I use center focus on the camera using manual settings. My problem is that the outer 1/6 of the pic on each side are out of focus but 2/3...
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