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  1. mikeycanuk

    Breakfast place open @ 7am?

    We had a plan to eat breakfast at El Coffee before getting on the boat at 7:30. However their covid hours are now 8am.... anyone have a place nearby Aldora to get a quick coffee and food early enough?
  2. mikeycanuk

    One day car rental @CZM

    I'm leaning towards having a car just for the first day so I can get all the chores done. I have to be at the airport anyway the exact same time the following day to pick up junior. I'll need a car from the airport so who is the best from that bunch? I've rented 3x from ISIS so I'm not a...
  3. mikeycanuk

    Restaurants open on Christmas?

    Anyone know of any restaurants open on Christmas Day? We tried walking over to El Moro last year only to walk right past as it was closed. Did find somewhere nearby and it was nice to walk the back streets looking at the Christmas lights.
  4. mikeycanuk

    Taxi/Van from PDC Pier to CUN

    Given that Air Canada has screwed with the YYZ-CZM flight we have to do the bag drag coming home. Anyone got a good guy with a van connection?
  5. mikeycanuk

    New restaurants.

    :poke:yea another food thread.... I’ve been busy with other hobbies so this vacation snuck up on me and I have not been on SB much. We have our favs but always on the hunt for new places to eat! Any suggestions :happywave: Have car will drive :auto:
  6. mikeycanuk

    December Roll Call!!!

    I just realized we have a trip in 10 weeks! Between my wife's broken arm, cancelling our 2 trips, prepping our house for sale, packing, moving and currently living in a building site this year has been way too much work and not enough fun!!!!!! Anyone else going to escape the dark days of...
  7. mikeycanuk

    Bare 5/4mm Youth Size 16 Wetsuit

    My teenage son only managed to get 1 whole dive trip out of this suit as he's growing like a weed, so it's a close to new as used gets! Bare 5/4mm Youth Size 16 Wetsuit $110US Shipping to CONUS included!
  8. mikeycanuk

    White ScubaPro Seawing Nova Fins Medium ~35 Dives

    As my teenage son continues to grow bigger (every day it seems) he is continually outgrowing his gear! These are a pair of lightly used White/Medium new style Seawing Nova's (see pics) $100US Buyer to pay *actual* shipping costs
  9. mikeycanuk

    Looking for a underwater magnifying glass

    I can't seem to find a decent sized (4"+) 10X real glass magnifying glass anywhere. Our guide in the Solomons had one and it really helped with the Pygmy seahorses. It has to be glass but I'm having a hard time finding one online as they are all plastic. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. mikeycanuk

    Wetsuit size for a tall skinny teenage boy

    Just had our son try on our brand new size 16 Bare 5/4mm wetsuit we got a while back. As teenage boys are wont to do he's grown a few inches over the last few months. The brand new suit will *just* about fit him for our upcoming trip. The next sizes are adult ones, however his height for...
  11. mikeycanuk

    Jakarta Airport Layover -Hotel options

    Well it looks like the airport hotel is going nowhere fast, so we are being offered the FM7 instead. Our issue is we arrive at 6pm on Friday and depart for Sorong 1:10am. Do we have enough time to at least get a few hours for a shower and decent food? It's the ~7pm rush hour that worries...
  12. mikeycanuk

    Guardians of Raja Ampat movie

    Just watched a really good documentary movie about the fight for conservation in Raja Ampat. - Home Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. mikeycanuk

    Oceanic BUD/Atom/GEO O ring size

    Tried going to the LDS to get some o rings for our Oceanic BUD's, no luck. I've searched here but not much luck. They are quite a thin o-ring. I'm also not paying $25+ for a kit either!!!!:shocked2:
  14. mikeycanuk

    Sensorcon CO Detector Unused

    I bought this back in October but never used it. $95US shipped to CONUS.
  15. mikeycanuk

    Liveaboard US$ Pricing

    For those of us who don't live in the USA, the rapid upswing in the US$ vs everyone else is sure making vacations priced in US$ 20-30% more expensive. :( I'm curious as to why LOB's are all in US. Indo, Solomons, Palau etc are all US$. Yet they don't operate where costs are in US$. US owned...
  16. mikeycanuk

    Youth 14 Bare 7/6mm Wetsuit

    Youth Size 14 Bare 7/6mm Wetsuit $105US Covers shipping anywhere to CONUS and Canada. Pic's attached.
  17. mikeycanuk

    ScubaPro Seawing Nova Fin's Medium Black

    I have a pair of black Seawing Nova's for sale ~80 dives. $90.00 We decided to go for more color, my wife got Pink Nova's (bright!!!) and I got Aquabiotic Warp1 in yellow. These are the new style with rib's on only 1 side, pics attached. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs.
  18. mikeycanuk

    Henderson 7mm XS Aqualock hood

    My son is growing out of all his gear!!! I am selling a XS 7mm Henderson Aqualock hood. $40 includes shipping for CONUS and Canada
  19. mikeycanuk

    NEW Light and Motion Action Camera Tray

    I bought 2 of these but never used the second tray, in fact it's still in the bag! $99 new For Sale - $75 with CONUS and Canada free ground shipping! The Light and Motion Action Camera Tray was designed to maximize the potential of these cameras by providing: an affordable, compact, travel...
  20. mikeycanuk

    For Sale Child 10 Henderson 7mm Wetsuit

    Junior Size 10 7mm Thermoprene Wetsuit for sale $85, buyer to pay shipping. Will make a deal if you want to buy the other child's suits I am selling. 7mm Junior's Henderson THERMOPRENE Wetsuit The Thermoprene wetsuit line is Henderson's bread and butter, and for good reason. The line...
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