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    Sea Gypsies

    In the Coral Triangle BBC News - Audio slideshow: Sea nomads
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    For the Bikers on the board

    Crazy Moscow Motorcyclist's Crazy High-Speed Commute
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    Abalone Poaching

    BBC News - On the trail of the men who hunt exotic shellfish and trade it illegally
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    Grabbed shark by the tail

    BBC News - Australian man saves woman from shark by grabbing tail
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    Sharks Swarm

    BBC News - Hundreds of sharks spotted off Australian coast
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    Virtual Photography

    A simplified Photoshop or can be used as a Photoshop plugin. download for free @ Welcome to optikVerve Labs - Home of virtualPhotographer
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    Singh Ray Service

    I called them about 11am Aug 30 and asked for a graduated filter and could they get it to me by Sep 10th for my vacation. The lady taking my order was very nice and assured me I would receive it before the 10th. 2pm Aug 31st it arrived on my door step. Now that's what I call service, that...
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    One Million fps (for Gun enthusiasts)

    YouTube - 1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit
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    Wrecks Galore

    Shipwreck Central - Interactive Map - Shipwrecks, Videos and More! Irish Shipwrecks Online - index
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    Raiders of the lost sharks | The Sun |News
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    First Things First

    1/ I have Canon Rebel (film} and two YS 120 TTL Duo strobes. One of the strobes will charge up but not fire. I have tried it in test and slave but it will still not fire? 2/ I am thinking of going to a digital, a Canon XT, is there a converter that will let me use the strobes with the Canon...
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    Oceans The Movie

    I have just returned from watching the movie Oceans, verdict. Rather slow in the beginning, narration so so, a lot of life shown but not identified this would be no problem for most divers but would leave a lot of people wondering. However the movie doe's picks up its pace and there is...
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    New Marine Reserve

    BBC News - UK sets up Chagos Islands marine reserve
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    Cites !

    From the BBC How bureaucrats decided not to save the bluefin tuna By Adam Mynott BBC News, Doha The latest two-week long meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) saw bureaucrats sweep aside expert advice on how to save the bluefin tuna...
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    New wreck

    DEEP BBC News - Sunk Australia WWII hospital ship Centaur: first images
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    Smart Octopus Video

    BBC News - Octopus snatches coconut and runs
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    Largest Sting Ray filmed for the first time

    BBC - Earth News - First film of a 'giant' stingray
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    Dance of the Weedy Sea Dragon

    BBC - Earth News - Ghostly 'dance of a sea dragon'
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    Starfish Cooling Method

    BBC - Earth News - Starfish 'pump up' to cool down
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    New Sub (Wreck) Found

    BBC NEWS | Europe | British war sub wreck 'found off Estonia'
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