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  1. glen99

    Quarry conditions (White Star& Portage)?

    My wife and I are going to take a couple of days and dive White Star and Gilboa next week. We were thinking about a stop at Portage but conditions have been so bad the last 2 years I don't know if it is worth the time. Has anyone been to Portage this year, can you update on conditions? thanks...
  2. glen99

    Travel with SEI card

    I am going to be traveling to Playa Del Carmen in June. I have a SEI OW and AWO card, are divers having any trouble with the SEI card being recognized out of the US? thanks glen
  3. glen99

    WTB Zeagle Lazer (M) or Zeagle Stiletto (L)

    My wife is getting certified and has been using a Stiletto (Med) and Lazer (LARGE) in her classes and would like to purchase a used one (in nice operational condition). If you have one sitting in your locker that is not getting used that you would like to sell for a fair price let me know. Send...
  4. glen99

    Question about diving doubles with standard reg setup.

    I recently got a great deal on my local CL on a pair of lp95's with a non isolating manifold. The guy at the local dive shop said that I could dive with my regular singles reg setup and leave the second valve uncovered as long as I did not run it empty and did not open the second valve...
  5. glen99

    Very pleased with SEI OW course

    My daughter and I just completed my SEI Open Water certification with a local instructor in SW Ohio with open water dives in FL with the same instructor (Devil's Den, Crystal River and Rainbow River). I believe we had 6 pool sessions of 1.5-2 hours with equal classroom time. The training...
  6. glen99

    Advice for OW cert dives next week

    My daughter (13) and I are going to Florida next week to get our OW cert. We will be diving Devil's Den, Crystal River and Rainbow River. I would appreciate and advice from seasoned divers about what to expect during our first "out of the pool" dives. I have been explaining to my daughter...
  7. glen99

    Whites Catalyst Classic plus extras xxs

    For sale I have a Whites Catalyst Classic drysuit size xxs. This came with a group of new looking gear. I was told it was used on 2 quarry dives. The suit looks awesome. There may be a few little spots on the suit, but i bet they rinse out. The rubber is nice and soft with no tears. According...
  8. glen99

    Last pool class before heading to open water

    My daughter (just turned 13) and I just had our last pool class before going to Crystal River during spring break for our open water certification. We did this drill where you jump in the water with regulator in your mouth no gear on and have to put it all on while on the bottom of the pool...
  9. glen99

    purchasing first reg question

    My instructor is selling Sherwood Brut regulator sets with guages that have been used in the pool for 2 years. He has serviced them and seems to have a pretty reasonable asking price. Is it a problem if they have been used in the pool as training regs? I know that the Brut is a basic...
  10. glen99

    Great bonding with teenage daugher

    My 13 year old daughter and I are taking our PADI open water cert. course together. It is awesome to learn something completely new at 37 years old. It is even better to have quality time with my teenage daughter (i'm sure many of you know how difficult that can be). We are finishing our...
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