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  1. GreggS

    Mares smart vs Suunto ZOOP

    I'm not familiar with the Mares computer but have had a few Suuntos. I would not want to wear one as a watch. Not only are the Zoops too large for that, in my opinion, but after a few minutes the display turns off and has to be turned back on by button press. It then takes a few seconds for it...
  2. GreggS

    About drying neoprene boots

    I built a boot dryer with 2" PVC pipe and a low wattage blow dryer and then run it on the low setting. I made it so I can put both mine and my wife's boots on it at the same time. Works great.
  3. GreggS

    Mask Strap (over/under ears?)

    I wear mine across my ears for 2 reasons. One is because I get absolutely no water leaking into my mask when I we're it this way. I only pull the strap tight enough to hold it in place without putting a lot of pressure on my ears. 2nd reason is I generally wear ear plugs due to some previous...
  4. GreggS

    Your best scuba diving 2021?

    Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan the last week of April. After that, most everything else was just getting wet (although I did that a lot and liked it.) We stayed another week in West End just to to relax and tour the island. We did get in one more dive that week, though.
  5. GreggS

    Question Weird question - equalizing/water in ear

    I was like you both for a long time after I started diving. I could use my jaw on land to equalize but couldn't while diving so I had to use the Valsalva maneuver, which I hated. I caused several ear problems .But I just simply could not use my jaw to equalize UNTIL I tried it a different way. I...
  6. GreggS

    Diving with Discovery (Nov 27 and Nov 28)

    Just dove with them last month. Had a really good time. Sounds like fun, but I'm having a medical procedure on Monday so on Sunday I'll be...preoccupied.
  7. GreggS

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2022 Cozumel

    Yeah, it's just the luck of the timing to hit it just as they hang up from another call. Good for you getting thru so quick. Can't wait to see everybody.
  8. GreggS

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2022 Cozumel

    Yep. I started calling at 9:00 straight up and it took me 30 minutes to get thru, hitting redial every few seconds. Perseverance pays off.
  9. GreggS

    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2022 Cozumel

    We are booked! Gregg & Terri. See you in Coz!
  10. GreggS

    how to view history log while freediving: suunto zoop novo?

    Use the MODE button to go to the MEM (Memory) page. It will show either LOGBOOK or HISTORY. If it is on LOGBOOK, just wait a second or 2 and it will go into the logbook. If it is showing HISTORY, use the UP or DOWN button to change it. But you have to be quick or you'll have to press the Mode...
  11. GreggS

    Age, Health, Certification and Trim

    Great. Good to know that you finally got past that. Good luck with everything else from here on.
  12. GreggS

    Age, Health, Certification and Trim

    My wife and I were diving in Fiji a couple of years ago. There happened to be a lady about my age at the resort (Beqa Lagoon) who was from Australia and was paraplegic. She had absolutely no, as in zero, use or control of her legs. They were completely atrophied due to a spinal surgery that...
  13. GreggS

    Ear pressure post dive

    I can wiggle my ears, also, but never thought to try equalizing that way. Well, guess I've got something to try next time in the water.
  14. GreggS

    Ear pressure post dive

    The best part of doing it with my jaw now is that I don't even have to touch my nose. If I feel the slightest bit of pressure on my ear, I just move my jaw and I'm equalized. I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out, but I am so glad I finally did.
  15. GreggS

    Ear pressure post dive

    I have a similar problem with water draining from my ears. I use Ear Shield, which coats the ear canal with oils. The water drains from my ears immediately upon surfacing. Your LDS may carry it or you can buy it on Amazon. I've also stopped using the Valsalva method to equalize since I've...
  16. GreggS

    Age, Health, Certification and Trim

    I used to occasionally have difficulty equalizing. For a long time, the only way I could equalize was using the Valsalva Maneuver, but I didn't like it because sometimes I would have to blow really hard and finally when the one I was having trouble with would equalize, it would hurt because of...
  17. GreggS

    FB down, glad I’ve got SB to read at lunch. :)

    I do have a landline for my business, which is my preferred method of communication. We also have a personal "landline" except that it is VOiP. The only reason we have it is because my wife's 82 year old mother uses it to call her. The majority of calls we get on it are spam/scam calls or...
  18. GreggS

    FB down, glad I’ve got SB to read at lunch. :)

    I have customers that communicate with me using facebook messenger. I don't particularly care for it, but sometimes you have to tolerate things like that. I had a person get in touch with me this morning via this method and have been having problems since getting information to and from him...
  19. GreggS

    Diver recovers WW2 grenade from Ossiacher See, dies in explosion

    Wow. Sorry he died but he must have missed the memo that you never touch anything that even remotely looks like an explosive device, whether it be an land or under water.
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