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  1. stu_in_fl

    Anilao - accomodation Q

    Planning a few days in Anilao next year - I was reading the forum and looks like commonly suggested hotels are Arthurs Place, Planet Dive or Aquaventure. Found websites for Planet & Aqua - but seems to be they still exist? and should any other accommodations be...
  2. stu_in_fl

    S90 - how to convert video

    S90 makes it video files in .MOV format - easy to play with Quicktime BUT the basic version of QT does not let you edit stuff or create movies. Does anyone have recommended free software to convert from the .MOV format to .AVI or something that Windows Movie Maker can process ? ...or a free...
  3. stu_in_fl

    Big & Small in Bonaire (Canon S90)

    The S90 in Bonaire - Ike Housing a friendly Eagle Ray that stayed around for about 5 mins. Eagle Ray and the little blenny
  4. stu_in_fl

    Eel ID ?

    Looking for an ID of the small eel in the hole along with the Chain Moray ? Taken in Bonaire. Is it perhaps an Orange or a Chestnut Moray ?
  5. stu_in_fl

    S90 + Ikelite housing : First Impressions

    for some of the better photos of the day - go to this thread: This was my first trip out with the camera - and I'd only taken a dozen or so pics on land before hand, so this was a bit of a learning experience. My previous...
  6. stu_in_fl

    s90 - pics

    took out my new S90+Ike housing yesterday for some dives - first time underwater with it, and was just trying to get used to it. The shots were taken with on-board flash only (as I wanted to see how to ovecome the "shadow" effect of the port). It will take a while to get used to it, but the...
  7. stu_in_fl

    Whales in Hawaii ?

    I'm toying with the idea of a trip to Hawaii sometime mid-Nov or early Dec. and had a question regarding Whales (as I've never seen one !) - i'm guessing they start arriving sometime in Nov (or is it really more like Dec) and see that there are lots of Whale Watching tours, with Maui seeing...
  8. stu_in_fl

    Pics from Thailand

    Some photos taken on a recent trip to the Similan Islands (Thailand) Nemo Crabs Leopard Shark Manta
  9. stu_in_fl

    Lions and Sharks (Bahamas)

    A couple of pics taken in the Bahamas last week. Lion fish are unfortunately taking over the place, but are pretty photogenic. Lots of sharks as well. stalking a lion shark escort missing a shark some more lions
  10. stu_in_fl

    Upgrade Lightroom 1.4 to 2 ?

    Has anyone done the upgrade from LR1.x to 2 ? If so did you have any issues with your photos / keywords etc. when letting it do the conversion of your database or did you just start from scratch ? (I know the beta didn't convert but the real version does - but does it do a good job ??)...
  11. stu_in_fl

    Scapa Flow - couple of videos

    A couple of video clips taken in Scapa Flow. The photos were crap so i switched to video) - not the greatest quality as it was my compact camera - but great dive destination (if a little cold) On the German WW1 Fleet - some of the light cruisers: Koln, Brummer and Karlsruhe (at about 5000 tons...
  12. stu_in_fl

    ITK - some pics from Key Largo

    Invade the Keys III - Key Largo 7/11 - 7/13 although the viz was not really phototastic, I managed to get a few shots (video clips came out better): Fri I was on the Eagle night dive with Conch Then the Saturday all day and Sunday morning i was with BlueWater divers. We did one on the...
  13. stu_in_fl

    Travel (flight) with a drysuit

    question for drysuit divers out there : when you have to fly with your drysuit - how do you take care of it...i.e. do you check it in, and if so, do you take any precautions to protect the zip etc. ? do you have it zipped up or open ? - any bad experiences from flying with it (and what could...
  14. stu_in_fl

    Fins with evo boots ? altera boots ?

    I'm wondering what fins people are using with EVO boots? I have size 11 and they do not fit in the OMS Slip Stream or TUSA Tri-Ex Are the Altera boots less bulky (and therefore may fit in either of these 2 types of fins) or is it just a case of I need another pair of fins to use booties ?
  15. stu_in_fl

    Fiji pics

    Here are a few pics from a recent trip to Fiji. Taken with my trusty Canon S80 with internal flash. A few colourful corals first then some fish.....
  16. stu_in_fl

    Fusion with Mk2 - what water temps ?

    anyone have ideas on what sort of temp range would the Fusion with Mk2 undergarments be suitable for ? thanks
  17. stu_in_fl

    Venice - viz after winds

    Anyone have an idea of how quickly things clear up in Venice after some wind blows through - e.g. this week looks like it will blow a bit for the next couple of days, and i was thinking of trying to go up there on Sat or Sun....
  18. stu_in_fl

    Bonaire Pics

    a couple of pics from Bonaire last week:
  19. stu_in_fl

    some Hawaii photos

    Here are some photos from a recent trip to Kona - I'd never seen any of these things before: (if the insert works !...edit: PM sent to El Orans to fix the inserts !inserts now fixed after chatting to El Orans) White Margin Nudi with Eggs Hawaiian Green Lionfish Wire Coral Goby...
  20. stu_in_fl

    Kona Trip Report 8/25-9/2

    [also posted on ZenDiving] I just had a very enjoyable visit to the Big Island of Hawaii - my fist visit - 5 days of diving and a couple of topside days (for volcanoes, waterfalls, coffee and beaches) I dived for a couple of days on Jack's Diving Locker's large boat - it was very well...
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