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    Member's Photo Gallery

    That is a great shot. Could you not rescue it with a bit of dodging around the head in PS?. The only way to get the great shots in my opinion is to put in as much time taking shots as you can. I recently spent a couple of days well inside the everglades sleeping in the SUV I wanted shots of...
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    I must admit I got very lucky with the Osprey photo. I was leaning against the car hood attempting to get a photo of something else when someone behind me asked me a question, turning around to answer them I saw the Osprey about to hit the water. Turning back around I grabbed the camera of the...
  3. cdiver2

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    The ringed bird is wild. It is a crested Caracara, endangered in the US found in FL and Tx I guess thats why he/she is tagged however they are common in South America.
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    Big cat rescue
  5. cdiver2

    Sea Gypsies

    In the Coral Triangle BBC News - Audio slideshow: Sea nomads
  6. cdiver2

    For the Bikers on the board

    Crazy Moscow Motorcyclist's Crazy High-Speed Commute
  7. cdiver2

    Abalone Poaching

    BBC News - On the trail of the men who hunt exotic shellfish and trade it illegally
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    Member's Photo Gallery

    A great walk in the park this morning
  9. cdiver2

    Grabbed shark by the tail

    BBC News - Australian man saves woman from shark by grabbing tail
  10. cdiver2

    Virtual Photography

    Looking up Virtual I find it has many definitions. In regards to the above add one might say yes it can do a virtual world. If you take a photo and enhance/alter above and beyond normal then it becomes a virtual world. Looking at it from another definition if something is virtual it doe's not...
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    I was sat in the hot tub watching a rabbit in the back yard when I noticed this guy also watching the rabbit
  12. cdiver2

    Member's Photo Gallery

    2 Vertical shots stitched side by side
  13. cdiver2

    I think my wife might be leaving me - but now SHE needs to decide....advice???

    'm not worried about you guys knowing or not. I got home from work (after a 16 hour night shift on a Friday night) and it's pretty much decided - she wants out. I could fight for this but I think there is more to it - maybe on her trip she met someone who directly or indirectly brought her...
  14. cdiver2

    Sharks Swarm

    BBC News - Hundreds of sharks spotted off Australian coast
  15. cdiver2

    Florida offshore oil rigs

    BBC News - Explosion on Mariner Energy oil rig in Gulf of Mexico
  16. cdiver2

    Virtual Photography

    A simplified Photoshop or can be used as a Photoshop plugin. download for free @ Welcome to optikVerve Labs - Home of virtualPhotographer
  17. cdiver2

    Singh Ray Service

    I called them about 11am Aug 30 and asked for a graduated filter and could they get it to me by Sep 10th for my vacation. The lady taking my order was very nice and assured me I would receive it before the 10th. 2pm Aug 31st it arrived on my door step. Now that's what I call service, that...
  18. cdiver2

    One Million fps (for Gun enthusiasts)

    YouTube - 1 million fps Slow Motion video of bullet impacts made by Werner Mehl from Kurzzeit
  19. cdiver2

    Tulamben shore entry

    Other country's with severe storms seem to be able to build ok. See att photos. Wow 250 inexperienced divers, I bet non of the locals turned there nose up at the influx of $
  20. cdiver2

    Papua New Guinea ideas

    We would go to bed at night and have to put a extra blanket on later into the night. I don't know what anyone could find to complain about at Walindi. I can honestly say its the best I have been too, and I have been to a lot of places world wide.
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