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  1. Blazinator

    I think we found the best shore dive in Coz

    Sorry for not telling you all about this earlier, cuz it seems either a secret (most resorts and shops know about this place, but won't make money telling people about it), or maybe folks just don't know about it (or both). Anyway, my wife and I have shore dived plenty in Coz, just not in...
  2. Blazinator

    Need snorkel buddy (female) for "Point of Rocks"

    HI all, My wife and I visited her sister Karen in Clearwater a month or so ago, and we went to Point of Rocks off of Crescent Beach in Siesta Key, and had a blast. It was pretty much the best shore snorkeling we have found in the Tampa area (although Siesta Key is quite a bit south of St...
  3. Blazinator

    Biofluorescent video and GC East End trip report

    June 5 - 12th - The four of us got off the plane and immediately did one of my best all time dives at Eden rock - lots of bottom time, schools of jacks circling us, swim throughs, Fairy Basslets all around (love those colors!) etc etc - ALL for price of a tank rental. Stayed at The Reef...
  4. Blazinator

    Dreams influenced by SCUBA

    Anyone else here see significant differences in their dreams after being certified? One major aspect that I love, is hovering over land, then I inhale and I float above the treetops. After several of these dreams, I realized that this floating ability in my dreams was a result of my brain...
  5. Blazinator

    buddy for Spanish Rocks Dive May 13 - 19

    Hi all, Thanks for all the cool info you folks post here. My wife and I are visiting her sister next thursday through Wednesday 13 - 19th and I want to try this site. A couple years ago I did the wreck of the Regina a mile away from Spanish Rocks and actually found it in 10 ft vis (rented...
  6. Blazinator

    Need East End GC food info plus cool shorediving link

    Just like the other cheap eats thread, I am diving with Ocean Frontiers in June and am curious what the lower cost restaurants and markets on the East end are. We are staying at The Reef resort on NE side of GC, and understand that there is a small store across from it, but am curious about...
  7. Blazinator

    Is one aspirin a good pre-dive idea?

    I'm in my mid forties, just recently checked Cholesterol, and its high (257) am 6'-0" and 210 lbs, and I eat somewhat healthy no red meat, lots of salads and veggies and cutting all yoke out of my eggs now and doc says that my high cholestorol is partially hereditary cuz I eat somewhat healthy...
  8. Blazinator

    Can you dive @ Point of Rocks?

    Hi all, My wife and I will be visiting her sister in Tampa, end of May, and I want to find some more dive options than last time I went (went out with Tanks-a-lot, and had a great dive, and dived the Regina from Sea Trek divers front shore @ Anna Maria Island). From my research, and here on...
  9. Blazinator

    Beam shot comparison photos

    I've seen quite a few misleading photos of light beams on this sub forum that are meant to show the advantage of one light over another (or whatever the purpose), and if the photos are separately photographed, it proves nothing due to the auto-irising of most cameras to regulate the exposure...
  10. Blazinator

    Twin Quarries tomorrow (Friday) anyone?

    I have business in Columbus tomorrow, and wanted to hit Twin Quarries afternoon sometime. My dive buddy backed out last minute, so I thought I'd post. Anyone know if it is closed this time of year? I called Todd's Scuba sales and havent' got an answer last few days, although the website...
  11. Blazinator

    Great White Shark Song - OMG - wayyy hilarious

    My wife sent this to me today - pretty new. I'm sure there are going to be criticisms, but the overall message is Great (no pun intended). I love how the guy has a MARES sticker on his guitar. The Great White Shark Song - MSN Video
  12. Blazinator

    Travers City dives week of Sept 14th - 17th?

    Hi all! I'm making my way up there from Ohio on my annual vaca to Lake Leelanau, and I usually want get a dive in or two or three, so I'd prefer a buddy (especially my wife would prefer I have a buddy). I like the Elmwood wreck across from Scuba North, although I assume most locals up there...
  13. Blazinator

    "The Perfect Dive"

    I posted a thread about big tank availability in the Bonaire forum and some friendly banter about the physical "work" involved in shore diving vs boat diving got me dreaming a little about the easiest diving imagineable, so I thought y'all might want to fantasize a bit with the premise: "The...
  14. Blazinator

    Big tank availability in Bonaire?

    Of all the resorts in Bonaire (leaning toward Buddy's or GRI), do some offer tanks like 100's to 120's? Please don't lecture me on air consumption - done all the tricks - I just have big lungs, and like to really get around UW rather than float fifteen feet above everyone else doing nothing...
  15. Blazinator

    Which editing software for 1200HD?

    Ok, you have to admit that the Arcsoft MediaImpression that came with my 1200HD is horribly inadequate, but what do I expect for free - can't complain, except that it wasted a lot of my time - doesn't create HD videos, not even simple text overlays, but it does allow stupid YouTube uploading...
  16. Blazinator

    Need video diffuser for my HID

    I've been struggling to find the best diffuser for my 24 watt HID, because I lost the frosted diffuser (matte finished lexan film) it came with, and my homemade diffusers (suede textured lexan film, and heavy textured flurescent light fixture diffuser) all seem to wet-out under water, still...
  17. Blazinator

    test for vimeo

    lets see - 4983413
  18. Blazinator

    Spotted Eagle Ray that actually changes colors!

    I have a contract to make a mobile of tropical fish for Children's Hospital in Honolulu from the color-changing material that I manufacture, and realized that rays are perfect subjects for thermoforming (acrylic), then my wife suggested I put spots on them (one of my product line patterns called...
  19. Blazinator

    Color-changing tropical fish mobile

    I thought I'd post this since SB has a place for art. I invented and manufacture a color changing glass / plastic material called Dichrolam thats real cool, won lots of awards, spec'd by top architects for Disney, MTV, Cruise ships, corporate lobbys, etc. blah blah blah. So along came a...
  20. Blazinator

    Fresh fish markets near Kihei, Maui?

    I've been planning my trip in May, and would love to avoid the expensive restaraunts to some degree, and grill right at our condo on Keawapaku beach (Hale Hui Kai), so I was kicking around my fish dinner options. Easiest option, is to see if there are any fish markets near Kihei? Another...
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